Office 15 Technical Preview Available; Business Case For SharePoint; Microsoft Fights Phishing

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Welcome to the Club SharePoint (Club ECM) (AIIM)
It was about six months ago when a friend of mine from Microsoft told me a story where he had been in a room with all of the established ECM solution vendors as well as some of the newer Cloud file-sharing vendors.  He told me of a moment during this event where one of those Cloud vendors referred to SharePoint as, “One of the old traditional ECM vendors.”  I looked at my friend and said, welcome to the club.

The Art of SharePoint Success: Strategy - The Business Case For SharePoint (CMSWire)
Last time on the Art of SharePoint Success we concluded our exploration of strategic lenses that I use to help clients understand and articulate their SharePoint related goals by looking at Enterprise Content Management and Collaboration. In this scintillating installment we are going to delve into the third and final part of the Strategy element, the business case for SharePoint.

Microsoft Office 15 Begins Technical Preview: Tablet Readiness Questioned (PCWorld)
A handful of tight-lipped customers are getting their eyes on Microsoft Office 15 for the first time, as the software enters its Technical Preview phrase. During the Technical Preview, Microsoft gets feedback from a select group of customers, who are bound to non-disclosure agreements. That allows Microsoft to test the software without revealing features or other details to the public.

What Does the Office 15 Schedule Say About Windows 8? (ZDNet)
Microsoft officially announced that the Technical Preview of its next release of Microsoft Office, code-named Office 15, has begun. According to PJ Hough, who runs the Office division at Microsoft, “everyone will have the opportunity to try the Office 15 public beta later this summer.” My ZDNet colleague Mary Jo Foley says her sources tell her that the goal is to release Office 15 to manufacturing before the end of the calendar year. That ambitious schedule says a lot about the solidity of Windows 8, if past experience is any guide.

Microsoft Delivers Developer Kit for Linking Amazon Web Services to Windows Phone (ZDNet)
Microsoft rolled out a beta of its Amazon Web Services (AWS) software development kit (SDK) for Windows Phone. “This SDK provides developers with a speed dial that lets them quickly connect and integrate Windows Phone applications with AWS (S3, SimpleDB, and SQS Cloud Services),” according to a January 30 “Interoperability @ Microsoft” blog post. Developers can download the SDK, along with the source code, covered by the Apache open-source license.

Windows Phone 8 Will Run WP7 Apps (Neowin)
Windows Phone 8 is an inevitability, but it has been one that many users have been unsure of. Due to the probable change to the core of the operating system, there have been doubts of whether it will remain cross-compatible with apps. A tweet from Microsoft's Director of Developer Experience has confirmed it, as WPCentral confirms.

Google, Microsoft Team Up to Fight Phishing, Spoofed Emails With DMARC (eWeek)
Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and other major email providers are committed to stomping out phishing attacks and other email-based Web scams. Major brands, such as Bank of America and Facebook, joined large email providers to announce Jan. 30 the new Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance framework along with an associated working group,


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"Office 15" Begins Technical Preview (Office Exec)
This morning, we reached an important development milestone:  the beginning of the "Office 15" Technical Preview Program. Office 15 is the codename for the next generation of the Microsoft Office products and services, and the Technical Preview is the first time we share our work with a select group of customers under non-disclosure agreements. These customers play a key role in our development process by testing early builds and providing feedback, which we incorporate into the final release.

Thoughts on SharePoint Application Pools, Recycling and "JIT Lag" (Thoughts on SharePoint Application Pools, Recycling and "JIT Lag")
What are Application Pools? Application Pools are a .NET construct, and each pool represents an instance of the Common Language Runtime (CLR) executing managed .NET code. Each application pool in IIS hosts one or more web applications, and the recommendation is to stay under 10 pools per server. This recommendation was made in 32-bit days, and other considerations like 32 vs. 64-bit, available RAM, and I/O (bandwidth and disk usage) really take over as you add application pools. With some planning and the right horsepower, usage characteristics, and a healthy dose of monitoring, this is a "soft" limit and it is possible to grow beyond 10.

Enhanced Search Migration Tool for SharePoint 2010 (Wictor Wilén)
The SharePoint Enterprise Search Migration Tool (SMT), created  by Microsoft, is a great little tool for moving/migrating search settings from one SharePoint Search Service Application to another, and even from a SharePoint 2007 SSP to a SharePoint 2010 SSA or FAST for SharePoint. The tool is available for download from the MSDN Archive - both as a binary and its source code. It is a console application that creates an XML when exporting the settings and uses the same XML when importing the settings, and it works great in a scripting environment. The SMT that's available from MSDN Archive allows you to migrate Best Bets, Search Scopes and Site Collection Search settings.

End User Quick Tip: Use SharePoint Workspace to Create Friendly Links to Documents (Dot Net Mafia)
SharePoint URLs can be quite long.  When you paste a link to a document in an E-mail they can prove to be quite long.  The community has developed a number of solutions for SharePoint URL shorteners.  However, I thought I would share a quick solution that you can take advantage of as an end user without requiring any SharePoint customizations.  I regularly use SharePoint Workspace to work on my most common projects.  If you haven’t worked with it before, see this post for more on how to get started.  Whenever, you need to share a link to a document, just right click on the document and use the Copy as Link menu item.


Around Bamboo Nation
Guest Blog by Dan Holme: SharePoint Perspectives South of the Equator (The Bamboo Team Blog)
Greetings, all! I am writing this column from 35,000 feet, on a plane to Patagonia, Chile. I am looking down at a ridiculously beautiful and dramatic landscape of mountains, glaciers, sharp valleys, turquoise glacial lakes, and cone shaped volcanoes... So excuse me for any typos I make while typing and looking out of the window at the same time! We're on our way to Punta Arenas, Chile, which is our jumping off point for the final stop on the Sharing The Point South America tour: Antarctica. Tomorrow, I am privileged and lucky enough to head to this remote end of the planet, bringing along the SharePoint message to the researchers, information workers, and penguins of the white continent.


SharePoint Job Listings*
Systems Analyst - SharePoint Applications Analyst - East Aurora, New York
In this lead technical role you will provide enterprise SharePoint administration, architecture and development leadership for our corporate intranet and business collaboration environment. We will rely on your expertise to drive future enhancements to existing and emerging systems. As an SME, you will be adept at analyzing business processes and gathering requirements while providing exceptional customer service in order to meet corporate objectives. You will work cross-functionally, across global lines, to deliver a state-of-the-art SharePoint environment for Moog.

SharePoint Developer - Denver, Co
A Senior  SharePoint 2007/2010 Architect/Developer with 3-5+ years of SharePoint Portal and Office development experience. Must have a solid understanding of the disciplines as they apply to the SharePoint platform; users and permissions, layout and master pages, site definitions and templates, content types, web parts, workflows, policies, document and records management, dash-boarding and business intelligence, and social networking.


Microsoft Updates
Activating SharePoint 2010 Sandboxed Solutions by Using Code (Wrox) (MSDN)
The sandboxed solution is a new feature in SharePoint 2010 that enables developers to create SharePoint 2010 functionality that runs in a separate memory space called a "sandbox." The code in the solution runs in the sandbox, and any problems in the code remain isolated and do not cause the SharePoint web application in which it is running to stop responding. In previous versions of SharePoint, developers had to add their assemblies to the global assembly cache (GAC) or to the \bin folder of the SharePoint virtual directory.


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