SharePoint Information Architecture; ARM Will Run Office 15; Microsoft Ruins Valentine's Day

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SharePoint Information Architecture: Tools of the Trade (CMSWire)
A fair amount of work goes into the role of a SharePoint Information Architect. And every architect should have his tools, right? What does Microsoft provide out of the box, to design, deploy and manage an information architecture in SharePoint? Let’s have a look.

The Road Ahead is Personal (AIIM)
Recently, a very simple decision saved us a lot of development work, in a way that was good for my project list but bad for my blog. We had just wired up a pretty useful management dashboard, and up until the day we demonstrated it, we were under the impression that the “management” in management dashboard referred to permissions, not function. The page had so many useful parts, that our next step was to make a personalized version of the page so individuals outside of management could get some of the benefit. I was looking forward to that project, because personalization is high on my list of things to learn more about. I also realized that I wouldn’t be doing most of the work, but rather supplying the “vision” and then blogging about it.

7 Things Windows Phone Needs To Fix Before We'll Ditch Our iPhones (Business Insider)
We love the Windows Phone operating system. In fact, it's better than iOS in several key ways. We might even be on the cusp of recommending you buy a Windows Phone, if it weren't for a few major gripes we have with it. To its credit, Microsoft has fixed a bunch of issues lately that we've been having (like the ability to sync multiple Google Calendars), but there are still some issues that are dealbreakers.

Microsoft Shift on Industry-Standard Patents Aimed at Google (Bloomberg Businessweek)
Microsoft Corp.'s vow to negotiate with competitors over industry-standard patents, instead of trying to block their products, marks a change from the company's position less than a year ago. The policy announced yesterday by Microsoft came the same day that Google Inc. made its own promise regarding standard- essential patents to appease regulators scrutinizing its $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc.

Windows 8 for ARM Will Run Office 15, No Word on SharePoint (CMSWire)
Any confusion about what ARM-processor-powered Windows 8 devices could and couldn't do has been cleared up by Microsoft. This new class of non-Wintel machines will do a limited amount of what your current PC can do, as they are limited to apps from the Windows Store.

Microsoft Ends Preorders for Nokia Lumia 900 (CNET)
Microsoft has shut down the preorder deal for the Windows Phone-based 900, a company spokesman confirmed to CNET today. No specific reason was given as to why the offer was stopped after only one week. But the rep said that its Microsoft Stores do continually update such offers.

Microsoft Ruining Valentine's Day with Nine Security Bulletins (PCWorld)
Next Tuesday is a big deal. Yes, it is Valentine’s Day, but that’s not what I’m talking about. It is also the second Tuesday in the month of February which makes it Patch Tuesday. Microsoft revealed today that there are nine new security bulletins slated for next Tuesday. Happy Valentine’s Day? Of the nine security bulletins, four are rated as Critical and the remaining five are all Important. Based on the limited information Microsoft shares in the Patch Tuesday preview, the security updates impact Windows, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, the .NET framework, Silverlight, and Microsoft Server software.


Around the Blogosphere
SharePoint 2013 App Marketplace – Functionality (Furuknap's SharePoint Corner)
You probably know that Microsoft released literally thousands of pages of documentation on SharePoint 15 (or SharePoint 2013, as I believe it will be called). Most comprehensive is the less intelligible open specification documentation, although that’s also where the good bits are. You probably also know that I’m highly focused on learning what’s new on any new SharePoint version and that I write a USP Journal series that details this research and the findings. In the first issue, now freely available to members of the USP Journal mailing list, I wrote about the new App store.

How to: Activate a Feature on Multiple Site Collections Using PowerShell (Dot Net Mafia)
A lot of times we have a need to activate a feature on multiple site collections.  This could be a custom feature to do branding or you may simply be activating publishing on multiple site collections.  PowerShell makes tasks like these easy.  We’ll take what we learned from my original Activating Features with PowerShell post and use some common techniques to iterate through the site collections and activate the desired feature.

Building Windows for the ARM Processor Architecture (Building Windows 8)
One of the notable aspects of Microsoft Windows has been the flexibility the architecture has shown through shifts in technology and expansion of customer usage over time. What started out as an operating system for one person working solo with productivity software is now the foundation of a wide array of hardware and software technologies, a spectrum of connected Windows products, and an incredibly flexible approach to computing. With Windows 8, we have reimagined Windows from the chipset to the experience—and bringing this reimagined Windows to the ARM® processor architecture is a significant part of this innovation. Expanding the view of the PC to cover a much wider range of form factors and designs than some think of today is an important part of these efforts. Windows on ARM enables creativity in PC design that, in combination with newly architected features of the Windows OS, will bring to customers new, no-compromise PCs.


Around Bamboo Nation
Product Release Announcement: User Account Setup Web Part Release 4.0 - A Strong Foundation Goes a Long Way (The Bamboo Team Blog)
Ask any builder and they'll tell you, a solid foundation makes all the difference. It determines the longevity of a structure. In the world of user management, the initial creation of new accounts is no different. That's why Bamboo returned to the manufacturing floor to create a powerful new release of User Account Setup Web Part, one of Bamboo's leading SharePoint Administration products.


SharePoint Job Listings*
SharePoint Architect - Chicago, Illinois
MULTIPLE openings for SharePoint Architects to join a rapidly growing team with one of the “Big 4 Consulting Firms”. Currently experiencing tremendous growth, our client needs Senior Resources to work as a member of the architecture shared services organization within global information management. As the SharePoint Architect, you will be focused on defining the Solution Architecture of enterprise-class applications for complex, global projects with a team of enthusiastic, fast-paced and dynamic technology experts.

.NET/SharePoint Developer - Fairfax, Virginia
The .NET/SharePoint Developer will migrate existing applications (primarily build using to the SharePoint platform. In addition, the role will involve the development of new solutions using .NET and/or SharePoint technologies. He or she will have t ability to translate business requirements into solutions. The candidate chosen for this position must be detail-oriented, flexible, and organized. They must also be self-directed and motivated; have an ability to learn and a desire to succeed. The Developer must be able to work independently or as part of a team. An understanding of formal software development methodologies and demonstrated ability to plan and execute work and to deliver projects on time is essential to the success of this role. Good communication skills, both written and oral, are highly desired.


Microsoft Updates
SharePoint 2010 ECM Code Sample: Content Type Based Metadata (MSDN)
Use this SharePoint 2010 code sample to learn how to apply metadata based on a specified content type. Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 includes metadata defaults based on columns, lists, and folders. However, there may be cases where you want to apply metadata based on a specified content type. For example, if you have a view where you want to order and group content types, you would want to apply metadata by content type.


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