Successful Records Management in SP2010; Microsoft-Amazon Cloud Deathmatch; Microsoft too Secretive

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Five Policy Considerations for Successful Records Management in SharePoint 2010 (Information Management)
The funny thing about the essential policy decisions to successfully implement a records management program is that none is directly dependent on the technologies supplied in SharePoint 2010 (such as the records repository or managed metadata). The essential policy decisions that underlie a solid records and information management (RIM) program are technology independent.  Before launching into the decisions themselves, here are five level-setting concepts for those of you who may not be familiar with records management.

Product Placement (AIIM)
We all know that the companies who make the stuff that they put on the eye-level shelves in the grocery store, paid a price to get that placement. When you walk in and see one brand of soda on an end-cap, and one flavor of chips on the third shelf from the floor, you are looking at the results of a marketing decision. If you are primarily an impulse buyer (like me) this type of marketing is very effective (which is why my wife does the shopping). As we start to turn the corner on our goals to store more and more information in SharePoint, we are facing product placement issues of our own. Unfortunately, I can’t start charging users for prime locations… or can I? (cue the evil laugh). No, I actually can’t.

Putting the Microsoft-Amazon Cloud Deathmatch on Hold for Partner Profit (Redmond Channel Partner)
Put the terms Microsoft, Amazon and cloud computing together, and the word "deathmatch" comes to mind. After all, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is in direct competition with the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. The approaches and capabilities are different, but the intent of the two companies to provide computing infrastructure in the cloud is similar.

How Windows 8 Can Be...Insanely Great! (Forbes)
Let’s start with this:  Microsoft‘s most recent quarterly earnings exceeded $6 billion on revenues of over $20 billion.  It is still one of the top ten most valuable companies in the entire world.  They’re doing fine. But the perception is that Microsoft’s best days are behind it.  Apple is now more valuable than them.  They no longer own the browser market.  Their Office software has been replicated by many.  And their share of the desktop market has eroded as Apple and Google have grown.  Microsoft has suffered from competition.  And they deserve it.

Are RIM and Microsoft too Secretive? (ZDNet)
When you're a platform, how transparent do you need to be? Last week we spent time talking to both RIM and Microsoft about their next mobile platforms. They're taking a remarkably similar approach to the future technically speaking, with RIM building on QNX with native code, C++, OpenGL, HTML5, Flash and Android and Microsoft building on the Windows kernel with native code, C# and C++, XAML, HTML5 and its own application packaging system. They both are emphasising a new design language that's radically different from what you see on their systems today: Microsoft has Metro, RIM has Cascades (which for those with a sense of irony is built on Qt, the system Nokia abandoned to switch to Windows Phone). They're both asking developers to make a major transition. Microsoft wants developers to give up Win32 and the desktop, RIM wants them to switch away from Java - and for both HTML5 is a big part of the switch, although there are plenty of native code options.

Microsoft Sees Skype Linking All Its Products, CFO Says (MacWorld)
Microsoft will aggressively and broadly integrate Skype across its product portfolio, the company’s CFO said on Wednesday, the same day that rival Cisco Systems raised concerns about Microsoft’s Skype integration plans. Microsoft CFO Peter Klein, speaking at a conference, portrayed Skype—the ultra-popular IM, presence, video chat and IP telephony service—as a product that Microsoft will use to unify and extend both its consumer and enterprise portfolios.


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Using PowerShell to... Upload Documents in SharePoint 2010 (ITPro)
PowerShell is the tool for getting things done in all versions of SharePoint (and your servers/desktops too!). It has the capability to automate, monitor, notify, and even 'react' to results. Not only does it have custom compiled 'activities' to get work done, it has the ability to call any command-line executable or pull in .NET library's to handle anything not already given to us by Microsoft (or even our own cmdlets). In this article we'll go over how to use some of the new "manage content" SharePoint cmdlets to interact with the platform just as a user would.

I Walk the Line (SharePointlessness)
There seems to be a recurring theme so far this year.  Everyone wants to up their game and increase their value through marketing and a redesign of something.  As I work in each of these areas I find this trend intriguing. I have always had a curiosity about what drives people to want to make a change. As we start off 2012, and I delve deeper into this world of magic and sparkles, (yes I said sparkles because I keep getting asked for pop, and bling in design) I wonder where does the line between what you need and what you desire blur.

Determining Which w3wp Process Goes to Which SharePoint Service (SharePoint 365)
SharePoint runs its service applications on IIS application pools, which in turn creates multiple w3wp processes running on your servers. When looking at Task Manager, you will see a long list of w3wp processes. Similar to... As you can see in my example above, most of my w3wp processes are using unique accounts, so I can quickly look at this list and know what process belongs to which service account. Per Microsoft’s recommendations for installing SharePoint, using a unique account per service is preferred, and this is one of the benefits.

Fun with PowerShell and Feature Activation (Giles' SharePoint (and Project Server) Shenanigans)
I was recently working on a system where we wanted to create a site based on a previously saved site template, unfortunately when trying to create the site we were getting the error. Error creating site: The site template requires that the Feature {some-or-other-GUID} be activated in the site collection. Hmm, oh well, off to Site Collection Administration and I switched on all the features I could find, but still no joy, time to crack open PowerShell.


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ShareFEST Returns in April with a Special Discount for Bamboo Nation (The Bamboo Team Blog)
ShareFEST , the SharePoint conference for life sciences, will make its welcome return to the SharePoint conference space this April 19-20 in Philadelphia. The inaugural ShareFEST took place in Philadelphia two years ago, and longtime readers may recall our extensive coverage of the event .  ShareFEST was the first (and, to date, still the only, to the best of my knowledge) SharePoint conference dedicated exclusively to a vertical market, and the event had a truly unique focus as a result.


SharePoint Job Listings*
SharePoint Developer - Cincinnati, Ohio
The SharePoint Developer should be hands-on, travel-ready developers that have deep technical experience and an entrepreneurial attitude. We are seeing strong demand in many areas of the country and will be providing a full time opportunity to the right candidates to deliver cutting edge solutions based on the Microsoft platform.

SharePoint Process Specialist - San Diego, California and Norfolk, Virginia
The Rules, Tools and Process team (RTP) team is responsible for operational support and organizational standards for the DoD Transport Operations organization, i.e. Network Services.  Primary responsibilities include providing end to end process creation and documentation support to all teams within Transport Operations meeting or exceeding enterprise ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems (QMS) requirements and following Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards, managing data repositories by designing/administering SharePoint site repositories and network shared locations, managing the organizational Business Continuity (BC) requirements, organizational.


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Requirements for Developing SharePoint Solutions (MSDN)
You must install the following prerequisites on the system before you can use the SharePoint solution development tools included in Visual Studio 2010:


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