The SharePoint Elements of User Experience; Office 365 Security; Google Tracking Safari Users?

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SharePoint 2010: "The Elements of User Experience" (CMSWire)
Jesse James Garrett quietly published the second edition of his requisite “The Elements of User Experience” last year, almost ten years after the first volume issued. Reading his book in light of today’s SharePoint governance plans is a fascinating hindsight exercise. Mr. Garrett’s work is essentially a forerunner to them. The second edition is as relevant as the first: if you’re a classically trained Records person, chances are you could use some summary advice. I recommend incorporating his guidelines into your SharePoint 2010 Records Governance Plan if you’re producing one for your organization.

Microsoft Office 365: Security and On-Premises Requirements (WindowsITPro)
At the Cloud Fest 1-day conference in Denver last week, one of the first things Microsoft's David Chow said during his opening keynote was, "There's no glory in running email anymore." There probably weren't many Exchange Server administrators in the room because there was no laughter. I mean, seriously: when was there ever glory in running email? The point Chow was making, of course, is that businesses don't want to focus on running an email system such as Exchange, which means that considering a service such as Microsoft Office 365 makes a lot of sense. Let Microsoft make it their business to manage email so that you can focus on whatever your business's goals are. Right? Chow is director of product management for Office 365, so that's a message he's well-positioned to make.

IT, Keep Your Hands Off My Cloud Storage (InfoWorld)
What does IT have against information workers, anyhow? This week, two events showed me how many IT organizations not only not get it, but actively endanger their companies by trying to block information workers from using the very information they need. They're not called information workers for nothing, you know. The first event was the inevitable hue and cry from security and file-sharing vendors about the dangers of cloud storage, this time citing the pending Google Drive service and how it will expose every single corporate secret to the Russian mafia, the Chinese government, the teenage hacker down the street, and who knows who else. Before that the existential threat in the cloud was Apple's iCloud, Google Docs, Dropbox, and, and next fall it will be Microsoft's Windows Live for Windows 8.

Microsoft's Windows Azure Active Directory Plans Takes Shape (ZDNet)
In the coming months, Windows users and partners are going to be hearing a lot more about Windows Azure Active Directory, the “conceptual equivalent” of Microsoft’s Active Directory directory service in Windows Server. I only recently learned about the Windows Azure Active Directory — or WAAD (ugh!) — name via a December post I found on Dominik’s Cloud Security Blog). But the Softies have been dropping hints about plans to step up rights and management policies using Active Directory on the cloud side of the house, too, since last November.

Mountain Lion and Windows 8’s Common Aim: Make Desktop More Like Mobile (All Things D)
Although they are doing it in different ways, Apple and Microsoft are aiming for a similar goal with their next desktop operating systems: To make the computer more like the phone. Apple on Thursday announced its plans for Mountain Lion, Mac OS X 10.8. Due this summer, it brings over a number of popular iOS features, including notifications, reminders, Twitter integration and iMessage, plus synchronization with iCloud.

Microsoft Details Its Browser Performance Testing (PCMagazine)
Google's Chrome seems to get all the praise when it comes to Web browser speed, but Microsoft is doing its best to wrench that crown away from the search giant. The Redmond OS maker has even built a miniature version of the Internet in its labs, reproducing the most popular sites and replicating third-party ads, so that a repeatable, representative measure of performance can be taken.

Did Google Trick Apple's Safari into Tracking Users? (ZDNet)
Search giant Google has been accused by the Wall Street Journal of bypassing the browser’s security settings by allowing a site to set tracking cookies. Safari for Mac and PC, as well as Safari in-built into iOS devices, are thought to be affected. The browser was subject to tests by the Journal which show that Google used code in its advertisements to bypass Safari’s security, which by default blocks such tracking activity.


Around the Blogosphere
Error: Unable to Communicate with WCF Service (FAST Search for SharePoint) (Dot Net Mafia)
During configuration of FAST Search for SharePoint, you will need to use PowerShell to finalize your configuration.  One common error you might receive is the one below.  This error occurs when you execute any PowerShell command for FS4SP.

Sending SMTP Email from an SSL Site (AIIM)
I ran into this problem when I was configuring a password recovery option (pulled from CodePlex) for an SSL enabled FBA site. I could send smtp email just fine from all the other SharePoint sites but not that one. I checked to make sure I had the correct anonymous settings and the cert was properly applied but still no dice. It just wouldn’t work. Turns out that I had to modify the IIS settings as well. Once I did that then the SSL site worked just fine. So here are the steps.

COOL CONTENT: Inspiration for SharePoint Site Collection Managers and New SharePoint Users (Get the Point)
Recently, I discovered this compelling video that tells how a budget-conscious NGO has put SharePoint 2010 to work, for facilitating global collaboration, posting photo-reports from the field, and presenting an engaging message to visitors and potential supporters of the organization. I wanted to share it because it shows how an organization can tailor a full-function SharePoint site that facilitates the work and processes conducted by a diverse staff at various locations around the globe.

The Art and Craft of the Async Snippet (SharePointDevWiki)
JavaScript downloads block the loading of other page components. That’s why it’s important (make that critical) to load script files in a non-blocking asynchronous fashion. If this is new to you, you can start here or here. In this post I’ll examine the topic from the perspective of a third party – when you’re the third party, providing a snippet for other developers to include on their pages. Be it an ad, a plugin, widget, visits counter, analytics, or anything else. Let’s see, in much detail, how this issue is addressed in Facebook’s JavaScript SDK.


Around Bamboo Nation
This Week in Bamboo (February 5th, 2012 - February 11th, 2012) (The Bamboo Team Blog)
Do you want to know what is up with Bamboo at this week? We resolved some bugs and released the patches for the following web parts:  Bamboo Rating Column, User Account Setup and List Search Advanced in both SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 versions.  Check out our latest releases of this week and see below for more information on all the bug fixes and new known issues.


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SharePoint 2010 Software Engineer – Chantilly, Virginia
An excellent opportunity for a SharePoint 2010 software engineer/integrator who is seeking to transition their career to the next level. This SharePoint developer will integrate SharePoint 2010 with the customer’s application, implement an intranet portal that organizes intelligence community information and provides a convenient, single-point access to third-party information systems, management tools, business intelligence capabilities, work flow, and content management capabilities.

SharePoint Analyst - Omaha, Nebraska
The SharePoint Lead's primary responsibility will be the analysis, design, development and deployment for SharePoint solutions.  This position requires knowledge of SharePoint architecture and a working knowledge of related technologies such as SQL Server, IIS and Active Directory.  This position will be involved in transitioning the current MOSS 2007 environment to SharePoint 2010, migrating the current on premise environment to Microsoft's hosted BPOS Dedicated environment and implementing a Records Management strategy with SharePoint 2010, Office 2010 and Windows 7.


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Requirements for Developing SharePoint Solutions (MSDN)
You must install the following prerequisites on the system before you can use the SharePoint solution development tools included in Visual Studio 2010:


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