Best SharePoint Sites of 2011; The Cloud Over Microsoft; SkyDrive for OS X Client?

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Top 10 Best SharePoint Sites of 2011 (MicrosoftFeed)
SharePoint is one of the most successful products ever launched by Microsoft. Creating a branded SharePoint site involves understanding both traditional web design techniques as well as topics that are typically reserved for developers. Things like creative design, the experience visitors have navigating your user interface, ease of use etc.; these are all important branding considerations. Here are the top 10 best SharePoint sites of 2011. Have a look!

SharePoint Applied: Azure ServiceBus and SharePoint 2010 (CODE)
The cloud means many things. It means Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, Bing and - oh yes - Windows Azure! Windows Azure, as you know, is Microsoft’s cloud operating system. It consists of many parts, but at a high level you can say it includes Compute (web and worker roles, plus storage), SQL Azure and AppFabric. AppFabric, in turn, consists of AppFabric Access Control, ServiceBus, and Cache. This article concerns ServiceBus, and its integration with SharePoint 2010 and Office 365.

What Problem Does Windows 8 Solve? (ZDNet)
As Microsoft gets Windows 8 ready for the Consumer Preview coming shortly I am spending a lot of time thinking about the next OS from Redmond. There is a lot to consider given its multiple personalities. It’s a desktop OS, mobile OS, tablet OS, and touch OS all rolled into one. Rather, all rolled into multiple SKUs depending on the hardware involved. I admit to feeling more uneasy about Windows 8 the more I consider what problem(s) it intends to address. Fact is I just don’t see any.

The Cloud Over Microsoft is Lifting (CNNMoney)
Microsoft will always have its detractors. The truth is that Bill Gates moved away from the company he founded just as the Windows dynasty was being supplanted by rival technologies. That left CEO Steve Ballmer with the thankless task of trying to find a place for Microsoft in an industry where companies like Apple, Google and Facebook seemed to be increasingly setting the agenda.

The 4Cs: Consumerisation. Cloud. Cyber. Collaboration. (SourcingFocus)
How 4C thinking is the future for IT professionals and provides opportunities for global CISOs. It’s unlikely that any CISO would deny that any of the 4C’s listed in the title are credible security trends individually but they may not have made the connection between them and how the relationship between each can actually lead to advanced business security thinking.

Microsoft to Challenge iCloud with SkyDrive OS X Client (Apple Insider)
Microsoft is readying a significant update to SkyDrive in Windows 8, and reportedly leaked screenshots of the revamped file syncing and cloud storage service show that a Mac OS X client could be poised to compete with Apple's iCloud. The purported SkyDrive images were posted on Saturday by Brazilian blog Gemind, and show demo downloads (machine translation) for Windows or Mac apps that will allow for automatic syncing, storage and remote access to files from the cloud. Also of note are paid storage options that can be purchased in 20GB, 50GB or 100GB flavors for approximately $10, $25 or $50 per year, respectively.


Around the Blogosphere
Cheating on Tests Less Likely if You Use SharePoint? (SharePoint and Assessment Blog)
Do you deliver online tests to employees (for compliance, certification or training purposes) or to students in college or university courses? If so, might your test-takers be less likely to cheat if you deliver tests or exams embedded in SharePoint than in a standalone application? The answer  is possibly yes. Read on to find out more!

A Look at Content Type Hubs in SharePoint Online (Office 365) (Dot Net Mafia)
For those of you familiar with SharePoint 2010, the content type hub is nothing new to you.  However, in SharePoint Online, the content type hub works a little differently.  The first thing to know is that a content type hub has been set up automatically for you.  You just have to know where to find it.  You can’t get to it from Tenant Administration like you might expect.  Instead, you can find the location by going to the Site Settings page of any site collection and then the Content Type Publishing link.  You will see a screen like the one below which links directly to the content types of a site collection containing your hub.

COUNT and SIZE of All Your Documents in SharePoint 2010 (ITPro)
There are a lot of use cases and scenarios where you need to know the size and the count of the documents in your SharePoint content database. You can find it out in different ways, using PowerShell; Search (with a query like "%% -aspx -bdc3 -file") or 3rd party tools. Another way, and a really smart one, is querying directly the SP content db. The query is fired with a NOLOCK hint, so the load impact on your SharePoint system is really low.


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SharePoint Job Listings*
SharePoint Application Owner - St. Paul, Minnesota
This newly focused position provides technical and programmatic leadership to the end user community by analyzing existing business, instructional and marketing operations to recommend and implement technical solutions in SharePoint. This position uses a variety of industry standard methods for project management, formal requirements gathering, instructional design, information design, use cases, structured testing and evaluation to ensure that projects delivered are sound (meeting the instructional, marketing or business goals) and are delivered in a timely manner.

Senior Business Systems Analyst SharePoint - Topeka, Kansas
This role has both BSA and Software Engineering responsibilities.  The successful candidate is responsible for the analysis, design and configuration of applications running on the Microsoft SharePoint platform.  Provides support for the CBI Associate Portal, including custom configuration, web parts, .NET code, custom lists and workflows.  Completes analysis requested for SharePoint team sites and documents functional scope for custom work.  Prioritizes and executes service requests for new Associate Portal page areas (including department sites and custom team sites).  Leverages specialized skill sets from SharePoint software engineers to deliver against agreed upon scope and design.  Works closely with the SharePoint governance board to ensure the overall integrity of the SharePoint platform.


Microsoft Updates
Building SharePoint Applications with InfoPath 2010 (Part 2 of 2) (MSDN)
Now that you are familiar with some best practices in creating a SharePoint application that uses InfoPath 2010, it is time to apply what you have learned. This section is a walkthrough for a simple hardware request solution. In this scenario, the user fills out a request for one or more hardware components. The form template that is used identifies the requestor and an approver. By default, the approver is the requestor's manager. However, the requestor can select a different approver if they know that the manager will be unavailable. The requestor submits the form, which then triggers a workflow. In turn, the workflow notifies the approver that a new hardware request was submitted. For this walkthrough, you will design a form template, publish the template to a SharePoint Server, and then build a SharePoint Designer workflow that notifies the approver accordingly.


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