Leap Day Crashes Azure; Businesses Reinvest in Enterprise; SharePoint as a Social Business

SharePoint Daily LogoHappy Birthday to all the Leap Day babies out there. This day only happens once every 4 years. Make sure it is a good one.  -  Dooley

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SharePoint as a Social Business Hub: Tips to Transform (CMSWire)
As we learned in last Wednesday’s Social Business TweetJam, creating a social business requires a unique combination of people, process and technology. For SharePoint users, the technology is the easy part, but getting the people and process in place can be challenging. While many enterprise platforms like Microsoft SharePoint are plagued by low user adoption, it needn’t be that way. In an effort to promote better SharePoint adoption, we consulted some of the most experienced and influential SharePoint experts who made our Top 25 Most Influential SharePoint Thought Leaders in Social Business Today.

Forrester: Businesses Reinvest in Enterprise CMS, Focus On Cloud, Mobile Content (CMSWire)
Enterprise content management looks set to make a comeback this year. While most of the curtain calls over the past year have been in the mobile and social media space and enterprise content management has been neglected in many enterprises, new research from Forrester suggests that companies will be investing again in ECM in the coming year.

To Hybrid Cloud, or Not to Hybrid Cloud? (ComputerWorld)
When online marketing firm Hubspot started in 2006, the company's IT needs were not very taxing, but they expanded quickly as the company realised success. Hubspot - which provides software for businesses to coordinate their online marketing efforts - started with a private cloud for its front-end web hosting. Soon though, CIO Jim O'Neill realised he would need additional computing power for the company's web analytics programs and "big data" storage needs.

Burning Questions About Windows 8 (ComputerWorld)
When Windows 8 Consumer Preview is available Wednesday it should answer questions that the earlier developers preview didn't. Chief among these is what applications will be available right away that are written in what Microsoft calls Metro style. Metro style refers both to the graphical look of the user interface, which relies on words rather than icons, and to the way individual applications interact with the touchscreen environment Windows 8 supports. The Windows Store, which will be the marketplace for acquiring these applications, launches Wednesday, too, so users will get their answer.

Four Reasons to Root for the Windows Phone (Forbes)
I find myself attracted to the Windows Phone, even though I have no reason to buy one. I am a digital creative, after all. But saying that makes me think of  the recent Samsung Galaxy S II commercial parodying Apple loyalists camped out, Occupation style, in front of an Apple store waiting for the next iPhone. One bearded hipster disdains the sleek Samsung phone a passerby is handling and says, “I can never get a Samsung. I’m creative,” to which his buddy next to him retorts, “Dude, you’re a barista!”

Microsoft's Azure Cloud Down and Out for 8 hours (The Register)
Updated Microsoft's cloudy platform, Windows Azure, is experiencing a major outage: at the time of writing, its service management system had been down for about seven hours worldwide. A customer described the problem to The Register as an "admin nightmare" and said they couldn't understand how such an important system could go down. "This should never happen," said our source. "The system should be redundant and outages should be confined to some data centres only."


Around the Blogosphere
February 2012 CU for SharePoint 2007 has been Released (Stefan Goßner)
The product group released the February 2012 Cumulative Update for the SharePoint 2007 product family.

Survey: Why do You Hate SharePoint? (SharePoint 365)
There are so many blogs out there dedicated to the bliss that is SharePoint. I personally love them and write my own as well. My goal of this post, however, is to discuss the dark side of SharePoint. What about SharePoint makes you mad, sad, frustrated, want to quit, pull hair out, scream at your monitor and wish SharePoint never existed?

SharePoint: Stay Away from My Search Result Pages [Insert Search Engine Name Here] Bot!! (ITPro)
This is a bit overkill, but, there are almost as many different ways a search crawler makes use of a robots.txt file as there are search engines (this may be highly over-exaggerated, but anyways…). Now, one thing you probably do not want with your public facing site, is for the search engine to waste it’s time crawling your search pages. You don’t exactly want a high page rank for your site’s search results, do you? What to do, what to do?

SharePoint 2010 - Drives are Running Out of Free Space. (Winsmarts)
As this post on blogs.msdn.com details out, this is due to a health analyzer rule configured in SharePoint. While that blog post does a great job explaining why this monitoring is necessary, how you can tweak it, it still becomes a nuisance on SharePoint virtual machines used for development. It also becomes a nuisance on production environments because SharePoint databases are set to auto grow. In other words, as the database is being used, it only grows, and grows, and GROWS!


Around Bamboo Nation
SharePoint 15 'Sneak Peek' to be Presented at SHARE Conference by Microsoft Product Manager Kristina Kerr (The Bamboo Team Blog)
Speculation has been running high regarding the date that the general public will first get its hands on SharePoint 15, and anticipation has now become that much more heated.  As reported by Mary Jo Foley, a screenshot of the Office 15 technical preview has leaked which indicates the existence of a "touch mode" for Office 15 apps.


SharePoint Job Listings*
Web Developer III - SharePoint - Williston, Vermont
The Web Developer/Analyst III is responsible for providing focus and skill resulting in the improvement of the GMCR business processes for collaboration systems focused on supporting multi-business unit enterprise. The developer will be part of a team charged with enhancing and maintaining our enterprise intranet utilizing Microsoft SharePoint technology framework to design, build and deploy applications. The developer will possess both functional understanding and technical competency and will provide a combination of assessing business needs, requirements gathering, and working with developers and architects to design and build viable solutions. The solutions will facilitate information-sharing across boundaries for better business insight and improve organizational effectiveness by providing comprehensive document and content management, enterprise search, and accelerate shared business processes.

SharePoint System Applications Administration - Research Triangle Park, NC
Responsible for ensuring the performance and reliability of ERP systems. Performs troubleshooting for hardware, software and system problems that involve ERP modules. Participates in projects to implement or enhance ERP systems and applications. Works with database administrator and ERP development team in defining user requirements, coordinating system-wide updates and installing upgrades and patches for ERP systems. Provides recommendations for enhancements/changes that may involve custom design, optional and third party products to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of ERP systems. Maintains ERP systems security through user profile management, creates and updates access permissions and maintains user accounts. Monitors and maintains performance metrics for system features, recommends and takes corrective/preventive actions. Participates in the design, development and implementation of test and production objects. Performs configuration, change management and testing activities as required. Consults users on technology changes that will impact work processes.


Microsoft Updates
Publish a Database to a SharePoint Site (Microsoft Office)
When you publish a database to a SharePoint site, you can share the data with other people who use the SharePoint site while you continue to use Access as the front end for the forms, reports, and queries in the database. There are two ways that you can work with a published database. If you are a database designer, you can build queries, forms, and reports that use the data from the SharePoint site. If you are a database user, you can use Access to enter, view, and analyze data from the SharePoint site.


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