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Face-Off: Google Apps vs. Office 365 (RedmondMag)
Dozens of reviewers from around the world have compared Google Apps for Business to Microsoft Office 365. I read my fair share of these shootouts in preparation for this article. But instead of having one person in a small lab set up and test the suites, I reached out to actual customers: you, the Redmond reader. Some 20 of you told us in detail about your Google and Microsoft online productivity experiences.

Top 3 Considerations for Deploying Social Technology in the Enterprise (CMSWire)
While we might expect social within the enterprise to be easy as Facebook or Twitter, it’s not.  Deploying social technology within the enterprise is a journey filled with organizational hurdles that include compliance, security, culture change, executive sponsorship, budget and integration challenges to name just a few.  In some organizations, this social journey begins when the business wants to embrace social before corporate IT is ready.

Windows 8 Beta: 8 Insights For IT (InformationWeek)
Microsoft on Wednesday released Windows 8 Consumer Preview, the beta version of its new, touch-centric operating system. While the preview mostly aims to give the general public a look at the most radically redesigned version of Windows since Windows 95, it also provides many insights for enterprise IT professionals who will eventually need to deal with Windows 8. Here's a look at several key features that IT pros should know about in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Most will also apply to the final version of Windows 8, which is expected to be released later this year.

Rumor: More and More Evidence Suggests Today’s Windows Phones Will Not be Upgraded to Apollo (IntoMobile)
Windows Phone fragmentation, for all intents and purposes, doesn’t exist. If you bought the first Windows Phones to roll off an assembly line back in 2010, then chances are you’re running the latest version of the OS. This will change by the time we reach the fourth quarter of this year. Let’s start with Tango, the next version of Windows Phone. There are actually two versions, Tango I and Tango II. One of them, we think the first one, was developed for companies who want to build lower cost devices, hence why the Nokia Lumia 610 was announced last week. Whereas every Windows Phone on the market has a processor that’s clocked to at least 1 GHz and also has 512 MB of RAM, devices running Tango I have an 800 MHz processor and 256 MB of RAM. It’s too early to say if OS performance is negatively impacted, but we were certainly impressed with what we saw at the show. Microsoft says 95% of applications in the Windows Phone Marketplace will run just fine on Tango I devices, and the ones that don’t obviously need to be modified to use less memory. As for Tango II, it’s a software update for Windows Phones currently on the market, so we’re talking bug fixes, several new features, etc.

Microsoft: Apple Makes Old iPhones 'Unusably Slow' On Purpose (Yahoo)
New Microsoft mobile head Terry Myerson says that Apple's habit of releasing software updates for current iPhones is really just a way to sell more hardware. Myerson was speaking to financial analysts at the Mobile World Congress on Wednesday. A questioner noted that Apple releases software updates for current phones, and was asking if Microsoft would do the same thing.

Google vs. Microsoft: Privacy Benefits Explained (Mother Nature Network)
Microsoft has seized the opportunity presented by Google's privacy policy changes to tout its online services as alternatives. Ads hit the pages of the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and USA Today suggesting that people concerned with Google's policies try Microsoft's Bing search engine, Internet Explorer browser, Hotmail email and Office 365 for business documents.


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SharePoint Crawl Component Server CPU Overload (Ian's SharePoint Blog)
Oh No, my SharePoint Server CPU is maxed out at 100%! SCOM alarm bells are ringing and that nice 55" plasma screen in the IT department, that everyone thought was such a good idea, is flashing read. There must be something wrong? Answer: Yes and no.

SharePoint Gone Wild: When Governance Lacks Restrictions (EndUserSharePoint)
In my last post on when governance lacks appropriateness, I discussed why content appropriateness is important and the issues it brings to an organization. Restrictions within Microsoft® SharePoint® are probably the most contentious issue I come across in customer discussions. The main reason for this is that there are so many approaches to a security model within SharePoint, including:

Metro UI for SharePoint Online Sites–Master Page Solution from CodePlex (Michael O'Donovan's Office 365 World)
Just downloaded the sandbox solution from CodePlex and it gave my SharePoint sites in Office 365 a funky new Metro look and feel. Give it a visit, I am convinced you will like it.


Around Bamboo Nation
Who Would Have Thought that Eating your own Dog Food Could Taste so Good? (The Bamboo Team Blog)
Funny choice for a headline, I know, but it's just been of those AWESOME weeks for me.  Let me give you some background.  Here at Bamboo, we have many departments, all working very closely from start to finish to provide the SharePoint community with the best third-party components on the market today. To make this a truly successful endeavor, you need to make sure everyone always has the most up-to-date information... which is where our portal, built on SharePoint 2010 (naturally) comes in.  Each department manages their daily activities in their own dedicated sites (even the products themselves each have their own Project Management Central sites).


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SharePoint Developer - Saint Paul, MN
Superior Technical Resources has an exciting opportunity for a SharePoint Developer in the St. Paul area: We are seeking a SharePoint Developer who will be responsible for helping us architect and develop our SharePoint sites used for Collaboration, Content Management and Communication. The selected candidate will work across a variety of businesses utilizing SharePoint to empower business users, customers and suppliers in a variety of business applications in alignment with our SharePoint roadmap. In this role you will:

SharePoint Administrator - Chicago, IL
The SharePoint Administrator’s responsibility is to manage and run specific administration surrounding SharePoint 2010, .NET, HTML and JavaScript.  This would include the full project lifecycle of gathering business requirements, time line estimations, and production implementation. Where necessary, assist in resolving complex customer technical situations by leveraging available resources.


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Claims Tips 3: Learning About Claims-Based Authentication in SharePoint 2010 (MSDN)
Learn five tips that are related to claims-based authentication in SharePoint 2010, including information about packaging, retrieving REST data, adding policy, managing trusted root authorities, and resolving logon page issues.


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