Hybrid SharePoint Governance; CIO's Love File Sharing; Computers Just Big Smartphones?

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Governance and Content Migration in Hybrid SharePoint Environments (CMSWire)
While we have previously noted that many companies look to SharePoint to manage content, it is also clear that many companies are using a mixture of online and on-premise SharePoint environments. While cloud computing is well rooted now, there is still concern about keeping sensitive data in the cloud. The result is that many are now using hybrid SharePoint environments, which require rigorous governance.

Too Much Nothing (AIIM)
It never fails; we finish working on an information management solution, we talk about it, we show it off to others and we are quickly made to realize how much work remains. That’s a good thing, it means that we are making progress on the adoption front, but it’s also a little demoralizing. I started thinking about this after watching, of all things, Casablanca. The title telegraphs the part of the movie where it hit me, not the famous song, but the more upbeat tune “Knock on Wood”

Are CIO's Falling in Love with File Sharing? (CNNMoney)
A growing number of employees are using file-sharing services to circulate and collaborate on documents and presentations, but many of them are doing so without the blessing -- or knowledge -- of their IT department. The companies that provide these file-sharing services are trying to change that.

'Personal Cloud' to Eclipse PC in Just Two Years – Gartner (InformationAge)
Cloud-based services that allow users to access content from multiple devices will be the centre of users' 'digital lives' by 2014, analysts predict 'Personal cloud' services will replace the PC as the centre of users' digital lives in the next two years, according to IT analyst company Gartner. Gartner defines 'personal cloud' as services that allow users to store, synchronise, stream and share content, using multiple connected devices such as smartphones, media tablets, televisions and PCs over the Internet. Examples include Netflix, Google Apps, Amazon Music, Microsoft SkyDrive and Apple's iCloud.

Microsoft: What's New in IE10 in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview (ZDNet)
Microsoft made quite a number of changes to the Internet Explorer (IE) 10 browser that is bundled into Windows 8 between the September Developer Preview and the recently-released Consumer Preview/beta. In a March 13 post on the “Building Windows 8″ blog, company officials detailed some of these new features, focusing exclusively on those in the Metro-style IE10 variant.

Upgrades: Are Computers Just Big Smartphones? (PCWorld)
The beta versions of Mac OS X (code-named Mountain Lion) and Windows 8 are now being tested worldwide, and although they are quite different from one another, they share one characteristic: Both take designs and features built for smartphones and tablets and tack them onto desktops and laptops. Does that mean that Apple and Microsoft believe that your computer is really just a big smartphone? And what do these new upgrades mean for IT?

Ex-Microsoft Employee Launches 'Fixing Windows 8' Initiative (Tom's Hardware)
It seems that Microsoft's latest version of Windows is receiving a mixed reaction: some people like it, and some people don't. Naturally you can't please everyone on the planet, but we really haven't heard this much negativity since Windows Vista. The biggest issue thus far is that Microsoft seemingly caters to the new touchy consumer and brushed aside the old, making Windows 8 difficult to manage using the typical mouse and keyboard setup.


Around the Blogosphere
SharePoint Designer 2010 Provides an Effective Method of Attractively Branding SharePoint Sites (Blogging Thoughts on SharePoint)
Early versions of Microsoft SharePoint Designer took on the reputation of a web design wrecking ball. Internet discussions about the versions of SharePoint Designer that predated SharePoint Designer 2010 are rich with mentions of broken SharePoint sites as the result of using SharePoint Designer (aka for those older versions as Microsoft FrontPage) to build site style along with visual and audible features.

SP2010 Continuous Integration–pt. 6:Running UI Tests as Part of a Build (Chris O'Brien)
The 6th article in our CI with SharePoint 2010 and TFS series is now live on the official SharePoint Developer blog (as mentioned on Twitter last week) – see Running Tests as Part of a Build. It took a while to write, and it took a while to publish (you’d think Mike Morton and his colleagues had actual products to ship or something) but it’s there now.

Understanding Versioning with Excel Web App (Dot Net Mafia)
If you have used Excel Web App (part of Office Web Apps), you are familiar with the fact that there is no “Save” button.  The changes you make are immediately saved back to SharePoint and you even have multiple people editing the spreadsheet at the same time with Co-authoring.  I had always wondered what happened when it comes to versioning so today I decided to dig a little deeper to find out what happens.  We’ll start with editing an Excel document in the browser with versioning enabled.  Whenever you change the value of a cell, the results are immediately saved back to SharePoint.  However, opening a second browser to look at the versioning shows that we are still on the same version.

SharePoint, Security, and Compliance (EndUserSharePoint)
This is the first in a regular series of articles on the topics of security and compliance, as they relate to SharePoint. Let's get the ball rolling with a provocative statement. My belief is that many organizations have their head in the sand when it comes to how (or even whether) security and compliance affect SharePoint. I think you could state it the other way and it would be equally true- many organizations have their head in the sand with respect to how SharePoint affects their organizational security and compliance posture. I base these comments on interacting with many SharePoint professionals and IT security folks over the past few years.


Around Bamboo Nation
Project Management for the Rest of Us (The Bottom-Line PM)
We have something in common. I am not a project manager. If you're reading this, odds are good that you're not a project manager either. Odds are also good, if you're reading this, that you have found yourself thrust by circumstance into some sort of project management role, the ad hoc project manager, as it were. And maybe you've been given a bunch of project management tools, like SharePoint and Microsoft Project but you don't really know what you should do with them to manage your project effectively. And maybe you know a little bit about how to navigate around SharePoint as a collaborative platform, but maybe the rest of it is Greek to you and you wouldn't know what to do with a Gantt chart if it was wrapped up in a bow and given to you. Maybe you didn't even know what a Gantt chart was a year ago. Maybe you don't even know how to read a Gantt chart. Maybe the only thing you know about project management is that it somehow involves this thing called a Gantt chart, and that, plus knowing that projects are generally managed in some way (without knowing how), is the full extent of your knowledge.

Community Central Release 1.1 Offers Improved Search & More (The Bamboo Team Blog)
As more information is added to a SharePoint site, and users continue to contribute content, the sheer volume of blog posts and forum discussions can easily increase to an extent which makes it difficult for users to get relevant search results.  Even surfacing existing helpful tips and tricks can become a challenge as new content is continually added to a site. For these reasons, I'm happy to announce the release of Community Central R1.1, featuring significant improvements in search capabilities. A related enhancement has its search engine integrating with FAST Search Server for SharePoint 2010 to enable users to take advantage of FAST Search Server's own features.


SharePoint Job Listings*
Sr. SharePoint Developer - McLean, Virginia
The SharePoint Developer will be responsible for the O&M of existing SharePoint sites and the conversation of Lotus Notes/Domino databases to creation of new SharePoint sites in the support of the customer conversion initiatives. The SharePoint Developer will also provide basic application software support for SharePoint applications/sites including but not limited to adding and removing Site Collection Administrators (SCA); creating, managing, and deleting SharePoint lists and web parts; and providing guidance to customers.

Program Manager, Senior - SharePoint - Redmond, WA
Passionate about building cloud services? Interested in offering familiar SharePoint to millions of customers as part of Office 365? If so, come join the SharePoint Service Experiences (SPSX) team. We are looking for candidates who have background in building online services. You will be at the center of SharePoint’s cloud strategy, so passion for architecture is a must. You will have a chance to provide the directory and provision SharePoint for millions of tenants and hundreds of millions of users, work closely with Office 365, Exchange and Lync, define how organizations of all sizes can move to the cloud or enable customers to efficiently and easily deploy and manage SharePoint’s cloud, on-premises and hybrid offerings in a seamless manner. Opportunities this big don’t come around very often.


Microsoft Updates
External Storage of Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) in SharePoint Foundation (MSDN)
The Help topics in this section describe how to use the special external binary large object (BLOB) store provider (EBS Provider) interface, ISPExternalBinaryProvider, to allow you to store BLOB data in a data store that is external to the SharePoint content database. Topics in this section discuss the rationale for storing BLOB data externally, the architecture of the EBS Provider, and implementation of the EBS Provider in front-end Web applications for SharePoint Foundation.


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