SharePoint Data At Risk; Browse Metro-style, or Else; Microsoft Goes Social

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User Tutorial: ALM in SharePoint Online 2010 in Office 365 (CWDN)
In this guest blog post, Jeremy Thake, enterprise architect and Microsoft SharePoint MVP at AvePoint looks at exporting artifacts and some of the other real world issues you may face when taking a SharePoint project into a live production environment. As discussed in the previous article, the original promotion of a v1.0 solution from development to production is relatively easy out of the box by saving the site as a template and restoring it. The problem with this, however, is that when you modify v1.0 in development to make v1.1 and are ready to promote it, you cannot use this approach because it will overwrite anything in production and therefore lose all production data.

Microsoft SharePoint And LinkedIn Data At Risk From Framesniffing Attacks (DarkReading)
Context Information Security has highlighted a weakness in Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari web browsers that enables remote attackers to steal sensitive information held on private Microsoft SharePoint sites, as well as mine data from other public websites such as LinkedIn. In these Framesniffing Attacks, a hidden HTML frame is used to load a target website inside the attacker's malicious webpage to read information about the content and structure of the framed pages. The attack bypasses browser security restrictions that are meant to prevent webpages directly reading the contents of third-party sites loaded in frames.

Microsoft to World: You Will Browse Metro-style, or Else (CNET)
Think of it as Microsoft's version of a good-news, bad-news joke. The good news: Its upcoming IE10 browser for Windows 8 will come in two flavors--one a streamlined, "Metro-style" program designed to resemble a smartphone or tablet app, the other a more standard desktop browser. The bad news? Microsoft's upcoming IE10 browser for Windows 8 will come in two flavors--one a streamlined, "Metro-style" program designed to resemble a smartphone or tablet app, the other a more standard desktop browser.

Microsoft Chops Office 365 Enterprise Prices by 20 Percent (ZDNet)
Microsoft is cutting the prices of a number of its Office 365 enterprise and academic bundles, company officials announced on March 14. The company is lowering, effective immediately, “most” of its Office 365 for enterprise plans by 20 percent, according to an Office 365 blog post. The changes are available for both new and renewing direct customers.

Microsoft Promises Better Communication After Azure Leap Day Outage (Redmond Channel Partner)
It was bad enough that Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud service was unavailable for much of the day on Feb. 29 thanks to the so-called Leap Day bug. But customers struggled to find out what was going on and when service would be restored. That's because the Windows Azure Dashboard itself wasn't fully available, noted Bill Laing corporate VP of Microsoft's Server and Cloud division, in a blog post Friday, where he provided an in-depth post-mortem with extensive technical details outlining what went wrong. In very simple terms, it was the result of a coding error that led the system to calculate a future date that didn't exist.

FINALLY, Microsoft Embraces Social -- And It's Going to be Big (Forbes)
Seeing Microsoft delay efforts to formulate a social strategy, one wonders whether they were going to take a pass on the social enterprise. Like how some of us delay the filing of our taxes until the last minute and then find out we can’t find the right documents to file on time. So we file an extension and hope to make the next deadline. But in the end, those of us who come up short are going to be penalized.


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SharePoint 2010 Browser Supportability Matrix and What Features Work Matrix (SharePoint Joel's SharePoint Land)
With all the service packs and SP1 additional support for Chrome and iPad on iOS5 for December CU support for reports and scorecards… It's definitely time to revisit Browser support. Please refer to "Plan Browser support (SharePoint 2010)" and "Plan for mobile devices" for the latest details. I think it's absolutely fabulous that Microsoft is now listing Firefox on Linux and Mac and Safari on Mac in the supportability Matrix, but what does this mean? What does supported with limitations mean? Please read on!

Why You Should Use a SQL Alias with SharePoint (SharePoint (and Project Server) Shenanigans)
Recently I was asked to take a look at a SharePoint 2007 system that was having a few problems after an IP readdressing project. The 2007 Farm was stretched across 2 domain, the main farm was working fine after the readdressing, but one server in the 2nd domain was having problems connecting to SQL.

SharePoint: How Much Storage Space is My Site Collection Using (ITPro)
A common question administrators have in their SharePoint environment is “How much storage space is my site collection using?” Well, fear not, trusty SharePoint administrators! There are a few ways to skin this cat – and we’re going to take a look at them.


Around Bamboo Nation
This Week in Bamboo (March 4th, 2012 - March 10th, 2012) (The Bamboo Team Blog)
At Bamboo this week, Community Central for SharePoint R1.1 was released to the storefront along with patches of Office to PDF Conversion Solution Accelerator and World Clock and Weather Web Part.  For details about the new features of Community Central latest release, please see the release announcement blog post by our Product Manager.  And see below for all of the changes about this week’s release.

PM Central for SharePoint 2007 Features Workflow Approval for Site Creation Requests, Additional Reports, & More (The Bamboo Team Blog)
One aspect of project management discipline involves the standardization of certain processes. PM Central R3.0 for SharePoint 2007 now offers an additional workflow for users to submit requests for approval and for project site creation via Workflow Conductor. Reports help project managers and their executive management team to get accurate, up-to-date information on project resources. We've also added two additional reports to assist in finding information related to resource allocation, per project department and per manager:

Save Up to 30% on SharePoint Password Management Tools Today! (The Bamboo Team Blog)
Did that headline get your attention? Well, I'm not kidding, you can save up to 30% off today with your purchase of the Password Management Toolkit! So, what is the Password Management Toolkit, you ask? Here's an excerpt from the product page: As SharePoint grows from a hobby for a handful of departments to a corporate-wide initiative for day-to-day tasks, IT staff can become quickly overwhelmed maintaining the expanding SharePoint farm. Why not relieve your staff of the mundane tasks of maintaining users' passwords? With the Password Management Toolkit, users now have the ability to maintain their own passwords including changing their password, resetting forgotten passwords, and receiving notifications when their password is about to expire.


SharePoint Job Listings*
Sr. SharePoint Developer TS/SCI - Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Participate in all phases of the advanced collaborative systems life cycle beginning with gathering user's functionality and system requirements, architecture, design, implementation, test, deployment and support phases. Additionally, this position will be heavily involved in all aspects of integration, planning, designing, implementing, troubleshooting, repairing, and providing recommendations for collaborative systems improvements based on customer requirements and new technologies. The successful applicant will serve as a SharePoint Web Developer using SharePoint Designer and out of the box SharePoint capabilities in SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 to support command-level requirements. The candidate will be responsible for providing a wide range of IT services including analysis and documentation of user requirements, designing advanced workflows, Web Parts and forms, on-site engineering, testing, hardware and software integration, providing technical documentation and user instructions, configuration management, IT project management, Tier 1-, 2-, and 3-level support, and quality control. Researches requirements for new capabilities and recommend COTS/GOTS products when required.

SharePoint End User, Designer and Admin Trainer - Syracuse, NY
We are looking for a SharePoint trainer capable of teaching SharePoint End User, Designer and Admin courses.  The ideal candidate will be able to deliver training on SharePoint 2007 and 2010. The training would be delivered online (for public classes) and in person (for private classes).


Microsoft Updates
External Storage of Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) in SharePoint Foundation (MSDN)
The Help topics in this section describe how to use the special external binary large object (BLOB) store provider (EBS Provider) interface, ISPExternalBinaryProvider, to allow you to store BLOB data in a data store that is external to the SharePoint content database. Topics in this section discuss the rationale for storing BLOB data externally, the architecture of the EBS Provider, and implementation of the EBS Provider in front-end Web applications for SharePoint Foundation.


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