Microsoft's SharePoint Social Business Strategy; Office for Education 15 on the Way; The End Of Software

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Microsoft's SharePoint Social Business Strategy Will Sell But It Will Not Be Sweet (Forbes)
Social business belongs to the little guys. At least we should keep an open mind on that. I have a feeling though there’s a premature closure taking place in the debate about what social business is or should be – it’s fast becoming a big vendor conversation when in fact it’s an area of business that bristles with many diverse pockets of activity. Social business is made up of an abundance of ideas. It is a lively ecosystem of solutions, of all sizes. Its diversity might be the biggest challenge that large vendors have faced since the onset of the Wintel alliance.

Office for Education 15: A New SharePoint 15 App in the Wings (ZDNet)
Microsoft is testing among a select group a new education-focused software application it built on top of the coming SharePoint Server 15 product. A couple of my contacts mentioned in February the existence of some kind of new education module believed to be part of the technical preview release of Microsoft’s SharePoint Server 15. I can now confirm such a thing exists and is also seemingly is being tested by some of those who are also testing new Office 365 for Education SKUs.

What Will Be Windows 8's Killer App? (ReadWriteWeb)
Raise your hand if you want a Windows 8 tablet just so you can use that cool new Start screen. Wait, first put your iPad down. Now raise your hand. After two public previews of Microsoft's new Windows 8 technology, the one major difference we've seen thus far in what it does, compared to its predecessors, comes from a few of its cloud-reliant apps, including Pictures. You can store your pictures on Microsoft's SkyDrive and have them automatically sync across your (Windows-branded) devices. That's very nice, but no longer new. Come October, it may even be old hat. ReadWriteWeb asked the Panel of Esteemed Grown-ups (who reminded me to say thank you for the esteem) to deduce what kinds of functionality might make you consider purchasing a Windows 8 device, whether or not you have an iPad. Joining us for this round are (left to right):

Six Features You'll Love in Office 15 (PC Advisor)
Most of the attention on Redmond this year is focused on the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. But, the next generation of Microsoft Office is also currently under development--ostensibly to be launched alongside Windows 8 this fall--and Office 15 has the potential to be the real hero among the two. Microsoft has made a number of major changes to the latest version of Windows—not the least of which are the touchscreen optimized Metro interface, and adding ARM-based tablets as an option. But, as the de facto productivity suite for businesses, Microsoft Office is the standard bearer of the Microsoft Windows operating system and Office 15 has the power to drive adoption of Windows 8 by taking advantage of the unique capabilities of the new OS.

Microsoft's Answer to the End Of Software (InformationWeek)
I saw something cool this week at Microsoft’s Convergence user conference that convinced me that anyone who thinks Microsoft isn’t a player against Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android needs to think twice. Make that three times. Trying out Windows 8 on a Samsung tablet and a Lenovo laptop/tablet hybrid made me wish I could justify adding one more techy toy to my collection.

Smoked by Windows Phone Promo Fizzles After Android Wades in (SlashGear)
Microsoft’s “Smoked by Windows Phone” campaign has landed the company in hot water, with claims that the competitive promotion – which pits WP7 devices against rivals in speed tests – is being unfairly judged. The marketing scheme attempts to demonstrate how Windows Phone’s Live Tiles, among other things, make it a speedier platform than iOS or Android, challenging users of other devices to head-to-head tasks; unfortunately, as Skatter Tech found when pitting a Galaxy Nexus against Windows Phone in the Santa Clara Microsoft Store, it’s also subject to the whims of store staff.


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How Microsoft Themselves Use SharePoint to Help 45,000 Employees Learn Better (SharePoint and Assessment Blog)
Thought leader interview with Jim Federico of Microsoft on how Microsoft use SharePoint internally for learning. Jim is a Sr. Director of Operations and Platforms at Microsoft, responsible for training and readiness for the customer facing roles at Microsoft.

Why a Picture is Worth 1000 Words (SharePoint (and Project Server) Shenanigans)
I have recently been working with a colleague on a new client implementation, putting together some options for a farm design. We came up with three different options, all with differing server layouts and SQL configurations. Trying to articulate these designs to a non-technical audience can be almost as challenging as building the final solution, if you are with the client you can always sketch out your ideas on a whiteboard or flipchart, but documenting your design for a distributed audience is always a problem.

SharePoint 2010 Permissions for Site Owners – Part 3 : Creating a New Group (Views from Veronique)
There will be occasions when you need special groups to manage specific lists and libraries, it is very important to get the settings right. (These settings are applicable to SharePoint 2007 as well).

Hide That InfoPath Button (SharePoint 365)
In my last post I showed how you can make a form look a bit more professional by using views and picture buttons to navigate around the views. This works great but one thing I did think about was what would happen if a user just clicked the Next button without filling in some of the fields, well unfortunately the answer is nothing. Even if you make the fields mandatory it won’t flag up any error until the end of the process and the Submit button is clicked; not ideal. So I started to think about how I could overcome this and decided on ‘hiding’ the button until a field was completed.

Around Bamboo Nation
Announcing Video Library 2.0 - Utilize Your Existing File System with File Share Library Integration (The Bamboo Team Blog)
Instructional videos, promotional videos, audio recordings of meetings, podcasts… these are just a sampling of the types of media users want to share through their corporate portal on SharePoint. Which is fantastic, because that's what SharePoint was built for, collaboration and sharing. So let’s go ahead and create a new document library, check. Now let’s upload that fantastic three-minute marketing video. Great!  Now let’s play that video.  "Downloading video" ... hey, wait, I just wanted to play it, not download it! Anyway, let’s go ahead and upload that training video… ERROR: "The file size exceeds the limit allowed and cannot be saved." Wait, what??!! What kind of collaboration thingie is this SharePoint anyway?

Product Release Announcement: File Share Library 2.0, Now Featuring Improved Synchronization (The Bamboo Team Blog)
Storage planning for SharePoint deployments can be very tricky. It can be difficult to take into account the fact that all data, including the physical files, are stored inside the content database instead of in a defined file system.  This storage reality can cause valuable database storage to be eaten up very quickly when users migrate from network file shares to SharePoint document management.  Luckily, this is exactly where Bamboo's File Share Library comes in. With File Share Library, you can link an existing network share directory to the special document library, providing your users the familiar look and feel of SharePoint Document Libraries while keeping the physical files out of your content database, thus utilizing your existing hardware investments.


SharePoint Job Listings*
SharePoint Architect - Richardson, TX
The SharePoint Architect will design, develop, deploy, and support custom built and third party applications for Microsoft Office SharePoint (MOSS) 2007 and 2010 environments.  Responsibilities include working with end users and business analysts to understand and document business functional requirements and customize out of the box SharePoint sites to suit business needs.   The successful candidate will perform SharePoint and .net development and build custom workflows using SharePoint Designer; monitor SharePoint farm performance and integrity; server performance tuning, search maintenance and tuning; and customization of site master pages and page layouts.  Must be available to participate in 24 by 7 on call rotation.

SharePoint and MS Administrator - Aberdeen, MD
We need an experienced System Administrator for Microsoft SharePoint 2007 and 2010 supporting multiple dispersed large Army Organizations which is currently supporting over 500 collections and over 20,000 users. System Administration tasks include configuration, checks, and remedy of issues related to: Active Directory, Single Sign-on, SQL, Windows Scheduler jobs, Windows event logs reviews for errors and warnings, and site collection usage and analysis.  Analysis and implementation of add on tools is also required.


Microsoft Updates
How to: Extend the Navigation Provider in SharePoint Server 2010 (ECM) (MSDN)
You can extend the navigation provider in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 by deriving a custom provider class from any of the default site map providers. Deriving from a SharePoint Server 2010 site map provider supplies several benefits, such as navigation node caching and security trimming. The following code example derives from the PortalSiteMapProvider class and demonstrates how to add items to the site map provider. Although the site map provider classes have approximately twenty abstract or virtual methods, only a small number must be overridden and implemented in a custom site map provider.


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