Lessons in SharePoint Project Governance; Google Ignores Windows Phone; It Came from the Cloud

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Evolution of SharePoint Project Governance: Lessons Learned (CMSWire)
Organizations have been talking about “effective governance” for years in relation to large-scale systems, but the emergence of governance in the SharePoint world is relatively recent and still fairly immature. What SharePoint Governance Used to Mean: When SharePoint was in its infancy, SharePoint projects were often driven by the information technology (IT) department and treated as desktop applications instead of as enterprise class software.

It Came from the Cloud (AIIM)
One of the directions many organizations are moving in is the use of customer facing applications that extend reach into the consumer base. This is a highly desired approach, especially from a customer service and consumer purchasing perspective. While this seems like a simple thing to do, it is also a change in the way the organization conducts business and how content enters its processes.

Windows 8: The Wounded Bear From Redmond Awakens (Forbes)
If there is one company in the world that understands how to slay a dominant operating system, it is Microsoft. During Microsoft’s hegemony of the late 1990s, few questioned Microsoft’s ability to extend their PC dominance out to the Web. Looking back, the friction at that time between Web 1.0 and Microsoft was blatantly obvious. As computing activity moved out into the Web, Microsoft’s desktop dominance became less relevant.

Windows Phone's Big Problem: Google Ignores It (InformationWeek)
As far as Google is concerned, Microsoft's Windows Phone platform doesn't really exist. For people who've invested in Google's online services, Google's lack of support for the Windows Platform is a real problem--one that Microsoft should be tackling head on. Microsoft would prefer, naturally, that users of its Windows Phone smartphones also use its online services for email, messaging, social networking, and so on. It's no surprise that Windows Phone comes with support for Microsoft Office, SkyDrive, Bing, Xbox, and other core Microsoft services. As a major platform provider, Microsoft wants its customers to be fully invested in Microsoft across the board.

Microsoft: You've got Two Years to get Rid of XP (PC Pro)
Microsoft has warned consumers and businesses that they have two years to upgrade their Windows XP systems or face the risks of running an unsupported OS. In a post on the Windows Team blog, Microsoft reminded users that support for Windows XP and Office 2003 will cease on 8 April 2014. Users can keep running the OS and Office suite after that time, but they won't receive any security or feature updates, potentially leaving their PCs open to attack.


Around the Blogosphere
A Lego-style Approach to Document Management (ShareFEST Blog)
Anyone who’s been working in the life sciences industry for more than a decade is probably familiar with the catapult approach to data management. You finish with the data and then catapult it over the wall to the next department of functional area, where it’s their issue to deal with. And these weren’t just electronic files being launched over the wall — these were the heavy stacks of paper records required to support regulatory compliance.

Getting to the Share(Tipping)Point (EndUserSharePoint)
“The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.” ― Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference. From a recent SharePoint implementation project, one of the major challenges I noticed that organizations deal with is not so much taxonomy, metadata, content types, page layouts, navigation, search scopes, workflow, security and permissions, or other SharePoint design and technical aspects. Rather, it is the challenge of convincing users to actually give it a try and actively use it on an ongoing basis. How often are these refrains heard within your hallways and offices: I can’t find what I’m looking for! Is this the most current version of this document? Is this document a draft or final? I don’t understand how or why I should use our project portal? Why use the portal when I can simply email it? Data behind these statements and questions are quite insightful:

Using PowerShell to...Query the User Profile Service in SharePoint 2010 (SharePointDevWiki)
In this article we'll continue using the SharePoint management cmdlets, this time to interact with the 'dreaded' User Profile Service. In my previous article, Using PowerShell to... upload documents in SharePoint 2010, I talked about the basics of how to start using PowerShell and some best practices.

FREE WhitePaper: Proven Practices for SharePoint Requirements Development #in #pmot (meetdux)
As some of you may know, I've been passionate about emphasizing the value of a business-driven approach to leveraging SharePoint.  A key topic that I often discuss is the idea of how to best develop requirements for any SharePoint initiative which covers business, user and technical requirements.


Around Bamboo Nation
Want to Get 25% Off Your Registration for the Next SharePoint Best Practices Conference? (The Bamboo Team Blog)
Tentatively scheduled for May of 2013 in Minneapolis, the early stages of planning for the next SharePoint Best Practices Conference have already begun.  As part of the planning process, conference organizers have created a short survey around what makes a great conference.  Prospective attendees who complete the roughly 15-minute survey will be entitled to a whopping 25% off the cost of registration for next year's event.


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Software Development Engineer in Test II, SharePoint - Redmond, WA
SharePoint Server is taking off as one of the fastest growing Server products in Microsoft history and is a leading product across the industry. The Enterprise Content Management team is taking the leading role for SharePoint in delivering a high performing scalable solution content management solution. We are focused on providing our customers with software and cloud services that allow them to successfully develop, collaborate, organize, discover and deploy their content anywhere at any time, no matter where it lives. The team will innovate around: the next level in test methodology and automation driving product quality, customer value based on customer centricity in test and Scenario Focused Engineering, “Cloud first” implications for test methodology and finally to evolve our efforts to support agile validation of novel scenarios. To deliver on those expectations we are looking for testers who demonstrate strong testing skills and bring new ideas and innovation to the testing discipline.

Senior Release Program Manager - SharePoint Online Job - Redmond, WA
Are you ready to make an impact on the SharePoint Online? Join the fast paced Operations team within the SharePoint organization, responsible for deploying and running all of SharePoint Online (part of Microsoft Online services suite from BPOS). This is an exciting and fast growing business as we are rapidly on boarding new Online customers. This team also works closely with the other BPOS services to launch next wave of Microsoft Online services.


Microsoft Updates
Importing SharePoint 2010 Site Definitions in Visual Studio 2010 (MSDN)
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 provides a project type that enables you to import a site definition and add code. You can then deploy this site definition to the SharePoint Solutions Gallery and create new sites based on the site definition


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