Amazon Wants a Cloudy SharePoint; Open Source Clouds Surround Azure; Benefits of SharePoint Training

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AWS Bids for Cloudy SharePoint (The Register)
Amazon Web Services wants your SharePoint rig in its cloud and has released a white paper telling you how to do it, fast, with Windows Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008. The rationale for the move involves the usual cloud spiel of opex not capex, fast implementation time thanks to the removal of mucky jobs like installing hardware, and of course elasticity. But the IaaS giant also points out that Microsoft makes the move easy thanks to the Licence Mobility program which allows licence holders to transfer licences into clouds operated by authorised partners.

SharePoint Applications: Communication, Training and Go Live (CMSWire)
I’m at the end of a series on how to build and deploy successful SharePoint document management applications, with the goal of migrating end-users off of the most prevalent legacy document management system out there: that unholy trinity of shared drives, hard drives and email. To that end, in the first four posts I’ve been walking through a process that, while by no means a silver bullet, in my experience will give you a better chance of success than the typical approaches, e.g., if you build it, they will come.

Will Open Source Clouds Surround Microsoft Windows Azure? (Talkin' Cloud)
Over the past year, I’ve watched closely as Microsoft’s two flagship cloud platforms — Office 365 and Windows Azure — gained anecdotal momentum. Each week, I hear from more channel partners and ISVs (independent software vendors) that are embracing Office 365 and Windows Azure, respectively. But here’s the challenge from Microsoft and its channel partners: It seems like the cloud computing world has increasingly gone open source. The examples:

Microsoft's Windows Tablet Future: Businesses Yes, Consumers No (ComputerWorld)
A new report claims that Windows 8 tablets will remain a distant third in the tablet market behind the iPad and Android tablets well into the foreseeable future. But there may be one bright spot: Enterprises will likely be big Windows 8 tablet customers. Gartner analyst Carolina Milanesi says that Microsoft will only get 4 percent of the tablet market in 2012, compared to 61 percent for Apple, and 32 percent for Android, according to Reuters.


Around the Blogosphere
SQL Server 2012 Switching to Core-Based Licensing (Owen Allen's Blog)
I found this news item from Directions on Microsoft, “SQL Server 2012 Adopts Per-Core Licensing Model” interesting. SQL Server 2012 now requires processor core-based licensing for SQL Server 2012 enterprise edition, and core-based licensing is one of two types of licensing available for SQL Server 2012 standard edition.

User Profile Service Application Sync Database Maintenance with the February 2012 Cumulative Update (
Since the release of SharePoint Server 2010, the maintenance of the User Profile Service Application (UPA) Sync DB has been extremely problematic. I’m not talking about “standard” database maintenance tasks here, you know those routine tasks you should be performing on your environment but that seldom are implemented by those running operational service :). This is all about the Sync DB retaining data that it shouldn’t. There is quite a lot of confusion out there surrounding this topic in general and it has certainly hit a lot of customers, hard.

The How, Why and Benefits of SharePoint Training (SharePointEduTech)
Let’s first put some context on where I am with SharePoint. I have been using SharePoint since the first release of SharePoint 2001 in fact I still have a virtual machine with that particular version on as I am a great believer in look to the past to see the dots joining up. But back then it was next to impossible to find any training courses for SharePoint or even information about it on the web (As it was then). But a Google search now for the term “SharePoint” returns About 69,200,000 results. And a search for the term “SharePoint Training” returns About 21,500,000 results. I also tend to notice around 10 – 20 tweets a day trying to sell SharePoint training courses.


Around Bamboo Nation
Upcoming Release of Data-Viewer Web Part Offers New Features Including Web Part Connection (The Bamboo Team Blog)
The Bamboo Data-Viewer Web Part allows you to connect to and display list, SQL table/view, List Rollup, or other external data within a Web Part without having to use SharePoint Designer. You can customize the look and feel, allow users to group, filter, sort, apply calculations and/or export items to Microsoft Excel, and customize the CSS or change the Web Part skin. Data-Viewer Web Part also provides powerful features such as displaying nested child data, dynamic filtering, and inline editing of master data. Furthermore, Data Viewer can connect to other SharePoint Web Parts and filter data from connected Web Parts to your specifications. Moreover, in the latest version, to be released within the next two weeks, you'll be able to use filter settings, sort settings, conditional format settings, and calculated settings for nested list data.


SharePoint Job Listings*
SharePoint WebProgrammer Analyst Princ I - Virginia Beach, VA
We are in search of an expert ASP.NET and C# web developer with significant experience writing custom web parts for running in a SharePoint environment.  Candidates must be able to demonstrate mastery of ASP.NET, C#, XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, IIS and SharePoint development in an enterprise setting.  The ideal candidate will also be experienced in other web technologies (such as PHP, JSP, or GWT), and in content management systems (such as Drupal, DotNetNuke, Joomla).

SharePoint Solutions Architect - Greater Toronto Area, Ontario
The Microsoft Practice of CGI’s GTA division located in Toronto is responsible for providing architecture, technology consulting and support services to CGI’s customers. We have a challenging and rewarding career opportunity for a Microsoft SharePoint Solution Architect to assist with developing the SharePoint practice and leading the delivery of Microsoft SharePoint solutions across the related Microsoft technologies. As an architect you will be interviewing the executive stakeholders and designing an ECM roadmap based on SharePoint 2010 platform while deploying, documenting and training IT stakeholders on a pilot implementation using Microsoft best practices. This role understands interoperability issues and the strengths and weaknesses of platforms and products, and is able to provide a trusted voice at the decision-making table.


Microsoft Updates
Importing SharePoint 2010 Site Definitions in Visual Studio 2010 (MSDN)
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 provides a project type that enables you to import a site definition and add code. You can then deploy this site definition to the SharePoint Solutions Gallery and create new sites based on the site definition


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