No Such Thing as a SharePoint Project; Microsoft Boosts SharePoint Social; Surviving a Cloud Outage

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The Art of SharePoint Success: Transition - There's No Such Thing as a SharePoint Project (CMSWire)
Hello from my room in a rather nice hotel overlooking the river Thames in London, where I am staying for the International SharePoint Conference ☺  This article is the beginning of the end as we move on to the final element of Art of SharePoint Success framework, Transition. Transition is the umbrella term that I use to include change management and user adoption. As a former colleague of mine used to say, it’s about moving the organization from the old world to their new world.

Microsoft Plans SharePoint Social Boost in Wave 15 (IDM)
Improved social capabilities are coming to in Wave 15, the revamp of SharePoint and Office due out  from Microsoft in December 2012. However Australian and New Zealand companies are being urged not to wait but make the jump now into enterprise social media. Details are gradually emerging of the roadmap for Office and SharePoint, known as Wave 15 internally at Microsoft. The products are likely to be under the umbrella of Office 2012, although this has not been confirmed.

5 Tips for Surviving a Cloud Outage (ComputerWorld)
"Everything fails, all the time," so says CTO Werner Vogels. Amazon Web Services itself experienced a much publicized four-day service disruption last April, another outage in August and it had plenty of company from other cloud service companies last year. Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud platform in February had downtime problems due after the company failed to account for Leap Day, and despite improvements by cloud providers to minimize future outages, more outages will inevitably happen this year and beyond.

Windows Phone Nook: The Best Device Microsoft’s Money can Buy (ZDNet)
The surprising news that Microsoft had inked a deal with Barnes & Noble to both settle their Android patent dispute and form an ebook partnership caught everyone off-guard. Mary-Jo Foley has all of the details of the deal, but in a nutshell Microsoft paid B&N $300 million to settle its lawsuit and buy into a spin-off of the Nook ebook business of B&N.

The Social Enterprise: What's the DAM Point? (CMSWire)
We have come a long way from corporate wikis. Today, smart enterprises are leveraging advanced social platforms to promote communication and openness. Much the same as we use Twitter and Facebook to connect with like-minded individuals and share thoughts and ideas in our personal lives, social applications in the enterprise have the power to connect teams with common goals and objectives. Gone are the days of corporate silos. To be competitive in today’s market, companies must encourage collaboration and break down the barriers of enterprise-wide communication.

How Microsoft Is Scaring Apple (CNBC)
Anyone holding their breath on the hopes that software giant Microsoft will once again dominate the tech sector as it did in the mid-to-late 90s should also consider investing in some scuba gear to find that ship that has long sailed — if not sunken entirely.


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SharePoint Applied: Visual Studio 11 Beta and SharePoint Development (CODE)
SharePoint 2007, in many ways, was a v1 release. It was the first time .NET was properly applied to SharePoint, and from SharePoint 2007 onwards the product has done very well. Partly because of the rich built in functionality that comes with SharePoint and party because of its extensible nature - things developers can do. As we are all painfully aware, the development tools for SharePoint 2007 were somewhere between absent and woefully inadequate. A huge part of that gap was filled by the community with tools such as WSPBuilder. If you have developed for SharePoint 2007, undoubtedly you must know about WSPBuilder (

Do the NFL Draft and Project Management have Anything in Common? (Manage Projects on SharePoint)
With the NFL Draft just behind us - it got me wondering if there was any connection between the draft and project management.  And I reckon there is… when you think of the drafted player as a “new project”.

Optimizing and Accelerating Your SharePoint Farm (Webinar) (SharePointEduTech)
Last week I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with Chris McNulty from Quest software the session proved to be very successful and lots of great information and tips. Below you can find the recording of the session and don’t forget the next webinar is on the 9th May titled “Okay, I have my office 365 setup.  Now how do I administer it?” full details can be found here:

SharePoint and HTML5 - Part 2: HTML5 and Mobile (EndUserSharePoint)
Every new subject on HTML5 is a new world and HTML5 Mobile is no exception. There are lots of resources where you can learn about Mobile on HTML5, in detail. You can find several resources here:


Around Bamboo Nation
Just the Right Amount of Information Helps the Medicine Go Down (The Bamboo Team Blog)
Providing users with just the right amount of information, and not overloading them with anything extraneous, is often for the best. With Cross-Site Display Web Part, users can display Lists and Libraries, not only across sites, but even Site Collections, providing the various views they're already comfortable with (standard, Calendar, and Gantt). Now, with the release of  version 1.2, designers configuring the Web Part can even define the default view and lock it in so users can't change it. Cool, eh? Here's how you do it:


SharePoint Job Listings*
SharePoint Consultant - Pittsburgh, PA
You will partner and collaborate with internal and external partners to define accurate requirements. As our SharePoint Consultant, you will create and design pages using Out-of-the Box SharePoint features and SharePoint Designer within new and existing sites within our SharePoint site collection. You will play a central role in collecting and disseminating requirements into a user-friendly, intuitive layout which provides easy access to information within the organization. This role requires a balanced individual with the ability to translate business requirements into the most organized and sustainable SharePoint site solutions. Additional responsibilities may include executing standard reporting through various tools.

SharePoint Software Architect - Chicago, IL
As a key part of our Information Management team, you will be responsible for the architecture, design and development of mission-critical IM solutions for our Fortune 1000 clients.  You will work closely with business and IT stakeholders in a collaborative, team environment to envision and implement modern information and SharePoint architectures that are of extremely high quality:


Microsoft Updates
Importing SharePoint 2010 Site Definitions in Visual Studio 2010 (MSDN)
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 provides a project type that enables you to import a site definition and add code. You can then deploy this site definition to the SharePoint Solutions Gallery and create new sites based on the site definition.


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