SharePoint Content Organization; Windows RT Browser Restrictions; When Databases Rebel

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Organize SharePoint Content: Don't Upgrade Your Mess (CMSWire)
It’s a common story. An employee reads about how SharePoint is a great tool for document sharing and collaboration, a great place for teams to work on projects, a great tool for the company intranet. They go out, get approval for the software, get IT to install it on a server(s) and then they start moving documents and content over from file shares, from desktop folders, from old databases. Everyone starts to use it. Oddly though, no one is happy.

SharePoint Log: When Databases Rebel (ZDNet)
Creating a structure for our SharePoint 2010 installation was clearly central to providing an effective service. One plan was to split the intranet into around seven chunks, one for each faculty and an extra one for our central non-academic departments. Each of these would be a separate site collection (and thus database). Within each collection will be sub-sites for schools and for individual departments.

Microwave Ovens and Information Systems (AIIM)
Nothing drives me crazier than see organizations throw gobs of money after information systems that were purchased without sufficient diligence being done up front about what they actually need those systems to do. Too often, figuring this out gets derailed by petty politics and business-as-usual, and the result is a technology that later is disparaged as being less than good.

Should Microsoft Pay for Restricting Browsers on Windows RT? (CIO)
Given Microsoft's monopolistic past, it's not surprising that Mozilla and Google are making a stink about Microsoft's decision to favor Internet Explorer on Windows RT, the company's upcoming OS that will run on ARM-based devices. Last week, Mozilla alleged that Microsoft is unfairly putting the Internet Explorer browser (IE10) at an advantage within Windows RT by restricting third-party browsers like Firefox and Chrome to the Metro sandbox with shaky API support, and also blocking the desktop versions of those browsers on Windows RT.

Windows 8: Multi-monitors and Double Standards? (PC Magazine)
I’m encouraged by reports that Microsoft has been working to improve multi-monitor support in the Release Preview of Windows 8. Admittedly, the information emerged in a rather strange way: it was published on Tuesday night on the MSDN “Building Windows 8” blog, then rapidly removed again for reasons unknown. But there’s no reason to doubt the details – after all, they came from an impeccable source, namely Microsoft’s Mark Yalovsky.

Windows Phone: Great OS, Bad Name (Byte)
Branding is important. People are comfortable with brands they trust and uncomfortable with brands they distrust. "Windows" isn't all that bad a brand overall, but in the smart phone market it doesn't gain trust. This is a shame because Windows Phone is a great operating system. Unfortunately, it's not a product. When you buy a desktop or notebook PC, you may be buying a Dell or Lenovo or HP, but you're also keenly aware that you are buying a Windows computer. Not so with phones for most consumers.


Around the Blogosphere
Code to Interfaces. Right. What’s an Interface? (Fear and Loathing)
The premise of coding to interfaces has been around for a while now. The concept is simple. Given a definition of something you create things based on that definition. That might be a horrible description of an interface but I didn’t want to go all Computer Science on you.

SharePoint: Get Started with jQuery - Part 2 (SharePointDevWiki)
Last week we took a look at implementing our first jQuery control in SharePoint. The result was a simple transformation of the quick navigation menu into a tree view. We saw the potential of what we could do with jQuery in SharePoint by simply adding a link inside our master page that referenced the library hosted on public servers. This method was the quickest way to deploy jQuery but was it the best way? What about SharePoint sites that are not meant to access the internet? We can’t have their pages reference a public hosting of jQuery. Let’s take a look at alternative ways of deploying jQuery in our SharePoint environment.

Hack SharePoint Master Pages: Part 1 (EndUserSharePoint)
As I indicated in my introduction article, I’m going to write a series for the power user about master pages. In the first article, I explained the different branding steps and what a master page is. In this second article, I’m going to explain how the master pages are used in SharePoint.

SharePoint Vendor Baseball - Three Strikes And They're OUT! (SharePoint Joel's SharePoint Land)
Here are 10 criteria that you should be watching out for and Vendors should be paying attention to...  Otherwise it's... 3 strikes and you're out!


Around Bamboo Nation
Assessing One's Own Project Management Skills (The Bottom-Line PM)
The confluence of our busy season at work and a distinct lack of inspiration lately has had me floundering for topics to cover. I haven't been doing very project manager-y things at work lately, so the wellspring from which I usually draw topics has been pretty dry.


SharePoint Job Listings*
Support Technician - Reston, Virginia
This is a full-time, junior position, reporting to the Manager of Customer Support, with the opportunity to advance as the company grows. As our customers embrace Microsoft SharePoint in their organization, our products are used in more and more business critical applications across the customer enterprise. New customers often come to Bamboo for one or two web parts, but over time as the use of SharePoint expands in their organization, they come back for more web parts, applications, and eventually to purchase our entire suite of products. Therefore, we need to ensure that our customers have an exceptional experience with our product and service all of the time.

SharePoint Technical Writer - Reston, Virginia
The primary responsibility for this position is working with the product management team and technical resources to develop, write, and maintain software installation, configuration and usage instructions, online knowledge base content, supporting blog articles, quick start guides, supporting graphics, and web content for our online storefront.


Microsoft Updates
National Careers Service Website on Track to Meet the Needs of 20 Million Citizens (Microsoft Case Studies)
The National Careers Service for England is a United Kingdom (U.K.) government initiative. The Skills Funding Agency is responsible for developing the service, built around an interactive learning and careers website. Working with Microsoft Services and using Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 communications and collaboration software, the agency is confident that its site meets government expectations and the needs of 20 million users.


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