You Don't Want SharePoint; Office 365 for US Government Released; Windows 8 Preview Ships Today

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The Art of SharePoint Success: Transition - Why You Don't Want Users to Adopt SharePoint (CMSWire)
Let’s not beat around the bush. Why don’t you want users to adopt SharePoint? For the same reason you don’t want them to adopt the .NET framework or the Windows Server system. It’s a base technology platform and people shouldn’t even notice that it’s there. It’s the solutions that you build on top of the platform that you want them to adopt and this week I am going to explain how to make sure they do, and why a number of popular approaches fail.

How Enterprise Collaboration Tools Will Change The Future Of Work (PSFK)
After analysis of hundreds of data points collected around the evolution of work and collaboration, the PSFK Consulting Team noticed that new tools and applications are giving workers the ability to easily collaborate whether they are working in person or remotely. These services allow co-workers to seamlessly connect and share all aspects of a project with one another. Tools can also be used for project management, file sharing, messaging and synchronization across various platforms.

Most Firms Aren’t Aware they are Already Using Cloud Computing (Infographic) (SiliconRepublic)
Businesses are so confused about cloud computing to the extent they are already using the technology without realising it, a new study reveals. The O2 survey found that almost half (45pc) of firms surveyed are confused or very confused by the term cloud computing. While just one in five say they are currently using cloud computing, the study finds 48pc are using one or more cloud apps: 29pc of firms say they use Google Docs; 20pc are using Dropbox and 17pc are using Microsoft's Office 365.

Microsoft Launches Office 365 Edition for US Government Customers (PCWorld)
Microsoft has released a government-specific edition of its Office 365 cloud-based email and collaboration suite that offers U.S. public-sector customers a cordoned-off data center infrastructure just for them. Office 365 for Government hosts applications and data in a multitenant cloud reserved for U.S. government agencies, Microsoft said in a blog post Wednesday. Suite components will include, as in other Office 365 editions, online versions of Exchange, Lync, Office and SharePoint as well as the full desktop productivity suite Office Professional Plus licensed on a subscription model.

Microsoft to Ship Windows 8 Release Preview Today (ComputerWorld)
Microsoft will ship Windows 8 Release Preview today, several days earlier than expected, according to a blog briefly posted by the company. The blog post, written by Chuck Chan, an executive with the Windows development team, went live for a few minutes late Wednesday, long enough for several users to take notice. Neowin first reported the leak of Chan's post and its Thursday date.


Around the Blogosphere
Host Named Site Collections (HNSC) for SharePoint 2010 Architects (Mark Arend)
I recently came across a very good blog posting on Host Named Site Collections (HNSC), and I recommend it: What Every SharePoint Admin Needs to Know about Host Named Site Collections by Kirk Evans.  Kirk has lots of good details here that will help answer questions on this popular feature with some obscure underpinnings. However, I worked up other material on HNSC some time ago that’s not found in Kirk’s article.  Mine is targeted more to the SharePoint Architect who is considering the best way to design and use HNSC in a SharePoint farm.

How to: Create a Site Definition Using Visual Studio 11 (Dot Net Mafia)
I’ve posted a number of articles about Visual Studio 11 to date and today’s article talks about the new SharePoint Project Item, Site Definition.  This is a new SPI available in Visual Studio 11.  Previously, you had to create site definitions manually or using the Community Kit for SharePoint.  This new template has enough to get you started.  Start off by creating a new blank SharePoint project and then add a new item.

Demystifying SharePoint Performance Management Part 1 – How to Stop Developers Blaming the Infrastructure (Clever Workarounds)
It seems to me that many SharePoint consultancies think their job is done when recommending a topology based on:  Looking up Microsoft’s server recommendations for CPU and RAM and then doubling them for safety; Giving the SQL Database Administrators heart palpitations by ‘proactively’ warning them about how big SharePoint databases can get; Recommending putting database files and logs files on different disks with appropriate RAID levels. Then satisfied that they have done the due diligence required, deploy a SharePoint farm chock-full of dodgy code and poor configuration.

CSS Challenge Response: Change Dialog Box Background (Our SharePoint Experience)
A CSS Challenge from Jennifer: I have a masterpage with a black background and white links…however when I edit a page and insert an item the popup box is white background with white links. I would like to change the background of the box but my designer tool won’t pull the information so I can see what style is controlling it.


Around Bamboo Nation
Microsoft Project: The Adventure Begins (The Bottom-Line PM)
I have been undertaking a diet –well, "lifestyle change"– for a little more than a month now. I did a lot of prep-work for it. I set goals, I bought gear and apps, I researched my methodologies, and I started a blog to keep myself accountable to strangers on the Internet in preparation for my "lifestyle change." I was faithful about wearing my fancy little pedometer, logging calories into the app on my phone, and updating my blog with my weigh-in figures. I was not, however, quite ready when I launched this self-improvement project, to start with the exercise component of my "lifestyle change."


SharePoint Job Listings*
SharePoint Software Systems Spec IV - Houston, Texas
Provides technical application, systems administration and programming skills in the development, installation, maintenance, security, performance, data integrity and support of key Internet and Intranet systems, including institutional web servers, enterprise web applications and system-wide infrastructure environments.

SharePoint 2010 Systems Engineer - Chicago, Illinois
The Senior Systems Engineer/Lead SharePoint Developer is responsible for the design, development and deployment of SharePoint systems. Lead SharePoint Developer will work with Business Analysts and Architects to understand business requirements and solution architecture of the product; work with other developers to produce integrated solutions based on project requirements; and with Quality Assurance Analysts and Operations Analysts to test, promote and deploy developed solutions.  Sr. Systems Engineers/Lead SharePoint Developers must adhere to engineering standards, code/design reviews, processes and contribute to technical code documentation.


Microsoft Updates
National Careers Service Website on Track to Meet the Needs of 20 Million Citizens (Microsoft Case Studies)
The National Careers Service for England is a United Kingdom (U.K.) government initiative. The Skills Funding Agency is responsible for developing the service, built around an interactive learning and careers website. Working with Microsoft Services and using Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 communications and collaboration software, the agency is confident that its site meets government expectations and the needs of 20 million users.


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