Searching in SharePoint; IE10 Doesn't Work; The Good & Bad of Windows 8

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SharePoint 2010 Search: Relevance, Refinement, People (CMSWire)
This is the fifth article in this series “What is This SharePoint Thing All About Anyway?” In previous articles we have discussed all of the great ways that you can add content to SharePoint and now we are going to highlight the powerful Search features available to help you access and locate the data once it exists within the site.

Chapter Too (AIIM)
Last week, I talked about a great event that the New England chapter had just held. Today, I want to hang onto the support-your-local-chapter theme for one more post. I know, this is an AIIM Expert SharePoint blog – OK, that’s a fair comment, but let me point out that two of our chapter events in 2011-12 were SharePoint events. In November, Jill Hart and I teamed up to talk about why and how Usability Matters. My portion was focused on SharePoint; Jill’s was applicable to everything. In March, the AIIM NE chapter partnered with ARMA Boston to present a panel discussion on the subject of SharePoint for Records Management. Both of these events benefited from the live setting of a chapter event, and both served our members well.

Internet Explorer 10: Even Microsoft Can't Make it Work (InfoWorld)
If your company has an outward facing website, you're probably braced for the enormous changes that will come when Internet Explorer 10 and Windows 8 hit in a few months. But if Microsoft's own sites are any indication, you might find yourself reduced to curling up in a fetal position -- or looking for a new job.

Nobody Ever Got Fired for Partnering with Azure. Yet (CloudPro)
Despite the widely reported outage on Windows Azure this February, Microsoft’s virtual services offering appears to be suffering from no lack of technical partners wishing to evidence some level of interoperability with its cloud computing platform. AppFog for one has this week said that the next version of its PaaS for developers who use multiple cloud platforms will be Azure-compliant.

Unless Microsoft Pulls an Apple, They Won’t Bet the Company on Windows 8 (ZDNet)
Like many of us who ply the geek trade, I’ve been giving Windows 8 a lot of thought. Like you, I’ve been wondering about Microsoft’s foray into whole Metro thing, and just how much trouble it’ll make for us IT folks and users in general. ZDNet Editor in Chief Larry Dignan’s recent article Windows 8: Give Microsoft credit for betting the farm had me ruminating on this all weekend. Is Microsoft really betting the farm on Windows 8?

Windows 8 Nears the Finish Line: What's Good, What's Bad (ComputerWorld)
The Windows 8 Release Preview arrived ahead of schedule, and I've spent the past week pounding on it. For those of you accustomed to the earlier Consumer Preview, many of the changes hardly rate a yawn. But some show that Microsoft's not down for the count just yet.


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Why Haven’t You Patched Your SharePoint Farm? (The SharePoint Farmer's Almanac)
AHHH! It seems a week doesn't go by that I don't find some ancient SharePoint farm lying around. Just recently I found such an environment that one of our customers was using. I swear this last one was used by the ancient Egyptians and was using the Hieroglyphs language pack. As of May 29, 2012 that farm is running SharePoint Server 2007 RTM. RTM? Yes, you know the thing that came out on November 11, 2006. That was 2,026 days ago! Can you imagine not patching your server for over 2,000 days? That is just crazy! Oh, and in case you were wondering, this was one of their production farms. (And don't get me started on the insanity of having multiple production farms without really good reasons, which they didn't have.)

Take Control of Your Log Files (SharePoint (and Project Server) Shenanigans)
Everyone knows about SharePoint’s ULS logs, these are written by the SharePoint tracing service. To the location set in Central Admin –> Monitoring –> Configure Diagnostic logging. You also have a couple of options to control the number of logs created and /or the amount of space used making SharePoint log space friendly, you should be writing the logs to a non-system drive. But what about IIS ?  In IIS logging can either be on or off, and you can change their location, but that’s about it.

SharePoint Feature Stapling: Staple the Feature (SharePointDevWiki)
In the last article we went through and created ourselves a site collection scoped hidden utility feature that changed some properties in the root web’s property bag and also switched the locale to English (Australia). This time I am going to show you just how easy it is to staple this feature, so that the feature will get activated when a new site collection is created, thus having consistency between all site collections that are created.

No-code Adding AJAX to Search Results Paging in SharePoint 2010 (Waldek Mastykarz)
When searching in SharePoint 2010 you can use the Search Paging Web Part to switch between pages. By default this will redirect you to the next search results page. Did you know however, that you can easily enhance this experience with AJAX without custom development?


Around Bamboo Nation
Using Common DLLs in Sandboxed Solutions (SharePoint 2010)
Office 365 brings a wealth of new possibilities to the development community.  In a recent article, Hong Kong alone saw a 250% increase in new customers since the Office 365launch in June last year. For the SharePoint community, Office 365 provides the "SharePoint Online" program built upon SharePoint 2010 technology. One of the many capabilities of the SharePoint 2010 technology is the ability to create visual components called Web Parts to display various bits of information. SharePoint Online provides this capability, although in a limited capacity called "Sandbox Solutions." For more information about Sandbox Solutions and their capabilities (and limitations) see Sandbox Solution Considerations by MSDN, and Understanding the SharePoint 2010 Sandbox Limitations by Wictor Wilen.

Free E-book from Microsoft: Introducing Windows Server 2012 (The Bamboo Team Blog)
Who doesn't love getting something valuable for free? Microsoft has released a free e-book that provides 280 pages of insight into the new Windows Server 2012. I recently came across this while reviewing recent posts to one of the many useful Facebook Groups called VNCloud. I had just downloaded the Release Candidate of Windows Server 2012, so the timing is perfect. Ah the simple joys of being a geek... happy exploring!


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SharePoint Marketing Associate - Reston, Virginia
Bamboo Solutions is currently accepting applications for a full time, entry level Marketing Associate. Assist with leading the graphic design for in-house Web and print; collaboration with the Web Design team in Vietnam; copy write assistance with CRM campaigns, press releases; creation of product and event marketing materials.

SharePoint Support Technician - Reston, Virginia
As our customers embrace Microsoft SharePoint in their organization, our products are used in more and more business critical applications across the customer enterprise. New customers often come to Bamboo for one or two web parts, but over time as the use of SharePoint expands in their organization, they come back for more web parts, applications, and eventually to purchase our entire suite of products. Therefore, we need to ensure that our customers have an exceptional experience with our product and service all of the time.


Microsoft Updates
Office 911: Unify Domains with Office 365 (Channel 9)
If you've got a bazillion different domains from all kinds of services, Office 365 has a better way to bring it all together and give your customers an easy way to interact with you.


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