CMS with SharePoint 2013; Office 2013 Web Apps Dependent on the Desktop; Do Enterprises Need Microsoft Office?

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SharePoint 2013 Consolidates Its Position as a Mainstream Web CMS Player (CMSWire)
Microsoft has been taking Web Content Management (WCM) seriously since it integrated Microsoft CMS 2002 into Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007. SharePoint 2010 saw improvements to the Web CMS feature set including better content management through an improved rich-text editor, better Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) support as well as an improved analytics engine.

Microsoft Enhances SharePoint with New Features, SkyDrive Pro Included (SoftPedia)
On Monday, Microsoft announced not only the upcoming release of Office 2013, but also a series of improvements brought to its SharePoint and SharePoint Online offering. The new release includes SharePoint delivered simultaneously as a service and server, and is the first of the kind in the product’s history. It will also lay ground for new capabilities being delivered to the cloud. A new SharePoint experience will be available for all users, Microsoft announced. It will offer quick access to newsfeeds, documents and sites, while also providing new options related to saving documents, editing lists, sharing content, and theming sites.

Office 2013 Preview Debut and 10 Things It Says About Microsoft`s Future (eWeek)
Microsoft on July 16 announced a new Office that the enterprise software giant has given a final, official name. The business productivity application suite, which the news media are calling either Office 2013 or Office 15 until Microsoft lays down the final branding, comes with a host of improvements designed to make the software more cloud- and mobile-friendly.

Using the New Office with Touch (Office Next)
On Monday in San Francisco we took the wraps off of the new Office's touch experience designed for Windows 8. We showed the new touch-optimized Windows 8-style app for OneNote, and we showed how we've touch-enabled Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and other apps on the desktop. The new Office is designed for a great experience whether you're sitting on a couch with a tablet, or at a desk with a mouse and keyboard. It makes common tasks fast, fluid, and intuitive, while still enabling the rich capabilities required to create high-quality documents.  In this post I'll walk you through the thinking, engineering process and design framework we used to reimagine these experiences for touch.

Office 2013 Web Apps: A Step Forward, but Still Dependent on the Desktop (Ars Technica)
Microsoft Office 2013, formally unveiled on Monday, embraces the cloud more fully than any previous version of the age-old productivity suite. We’ve already examined the desktop versions of the programs at some length, but they aren’t the only apps that picked up new features—Office Web Apps, the browser-based versions of Office’s major components, are also available from Microsoft for customers to preview.

Do Enterprises Even Need Microsoft Office Anymore? (SearchEnterpriseDesktop)
With Microsoft Office 15 coming out, many folks may be asking: Do business users really even need Office anymore? Aren't there alternatives better suited to cloud and mobile computing? Here are a couple of alternatives to consider when evaluating your workplace needs. They are available now, and from a top-line perspective, they may make a lot of financial sense for basic business purposes.

Windows Azure Quietly Puts Its Pieces Into Place (Wired)
So what’s up with all the Windows Azure moves? Microsoft has a unique ability to do many things at once without making much noise about why. It’s a company that seems defined by the tactics of doing things rather than a comprehensive and clearly defined strategy. Witness the recent traction it has secured since it hit CTRL+ALT+DEL on its Windows Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) in early June, rebooting it as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and an Amazon EC2 competitor:

What Microsoft did Right During Its 'Lost Decade' (NetworkWorld)
This will be my final blog post on the Vanity Fair article as I'm as tired of it, as you probably are. Writer Kurt Eichenwald exposed quite a bit of failures within his article on Microsoft's "lost decade," but he seems to have missed out on some obvious successes, too. Many of the complaints – stack ranking, internal politics, crippling bureaucracy, benefit cuts – could easily have been gleaned from Mini Microsoft, the long-running blog that has detailed internal Microsoft problems for years.


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SharePoint 2013 - What You Need to Know (Andrew Connell)
Yup, this release has a *ton* of stuff that will move SharePoint as a great platform to the cloud, building on Office 365. Office 365 is a big deal in my mind for one key reason: it brings SharePoint to the SMB (small & medium size business) market. In the past SharePoint was really only viable in an on-premises deployment or one which you bought & installed it within your company. The problem with on-prem is simple: it's damn expensive for a small business to stand up & use SharePoint… and this is a HUGE growth opportunity for the product. Office 365 was the first real step to this space but the only customizations that were possible are those that could be done with the browser, client-side customizations (with JavaScript or Silverlight) and sandboxed solutions.

Five Reasons SharePoint Is Better in the Cloud (Rackspace)
If you’re running SharePoint onsite or are considering SharePoint for the first time, you might feel overwhelmed with all the things that it can do or struggling to implement a narrowly focused SharePoint-based solution. That’s the point where many organizations should consider running SharePoint in the cloud instead of trying to go it alone. Here are five big reasons that enterprises choose to put SharePoint in the cloud and why you should too:

My First SharePoint 2013 Installation (Todd Klindt's SharePoint Admin Blog)
We all remember our first time, whatever that means.  Smile  In this blog post I want to walk you through your first SharePoint 2013 installation. The public beta has just been announced, and can be downloaded here. There are hoards of rabid SharePoint lovers out there that can’t wait to get their hands on it. Hopefully after this blog post you’ll have a working and functional SharePoint 2013 VM to tear into and start your learning. You can also use it to impress your friends if your TV isn’t as big as theirs.

Dipping Your Toes in the SharePoint 2013 and Office 2013 Preview Goodness (Jan Tielens' Bloggings)
If you haven’t been living beneath a rock in the last two days, you probably heard the news we released the SharePoint 2013 Preview and Office 2013 Preview. Since there is already a massive amount of content available on blogs, TechNet  etc. I’m not going to add even more with this blog post. My goal is simply to give you a limited amount of resources to quickly get you up to speed with all the news. First of all, there was the announcement two days ago by Steve Ballmer. It was broadcasted live, and you can watch it on demand again. It takes 1h, it’s entertaining, shows some high level demos (mainly of Office 2013) and is a good starting point of your exploration.

SharePoint 2013 Standalone Installation Issues (ARB Security Solutions)
Installing SharePoint 2013 customer preview under a standalone instance is a pain in the ass. There are a couple of things that you are most likely going to run into if this is the route that you are going, here is how to solve a couple of them. I am sure there are others.


Around Bamboo Nation
User’s Guide to Time Tracking and Management for SharePoint 2010, Part 4: Reviewing Work and Cost Details (The Bamboo Team Blog)
Following on from part three of our User's Guide to Time Tracking and Management for SharePoint 2010, we're going to pick up right where we left off, moving on to... Reviewing Work and Cost Details:

This Week in Bamboo (July 8th, 2012 - July 14th, 2012) (The Bamboo Team Blog)
At Bamboo this week, we released the patches for the following two products: Password Change Web Part and User Account Setup Web Part.  Please see the list below for more information about new features, bug fixes, known issues and limitations.


SharePoint Job Listings*
Collaboration Engineer SharePoint - Irving, TX
SharePoint, Collaboration and Social Networking expert with at least 5 years of senior engineering and architecture experience, to provide Collaboration and Social Networking architecture, technology and engineering solutions, in support of Citi's collaboration and Social Networking initiatives. The position requires architecting solutions to solve functionality, usability, and support gaps that currently exist in collaborative and social networking environments. Responsibilities include but not limited to: The SharePoint senior engineer/architect performs two core functions for the enterprise: Overseeing the operations of the enterprise's collaboration solutions through management of the organization's SharePoint environment, and establishing a SharePoint enterprise governance model through policy, architecture, development standards/oversight, and training processes.

SharePoint Developer - Covington, KY
We are looking for a SharePoint Developer on behalf of Fidelity Investments. This position will be responsible for developing and supporting SharePoint intranet and extranet solutions which include customizing and developing SharePoint master pages, page layouts, web parts, web services, workflows, and applications. The individual will work with the intranet/extranet lead and serve as the department’s liaison to the IT SharePoint Working Group to determine project requirements for enhancements and new initiatives and comply with as well as help shape internal SharePoint development standards and processes.


Microsoft Updates
Vehicle Manufacturer Propels Customer Engagement with Digital Marketing Solutions (Microsoft)
Polaris Industries, a maker of recreational vehicles, wanted to better engage with customers to generate higher sales and revenues. The company implemented a solution that takes advantage of the Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 digital marketing platform along with technologies from Webtrends and GNet Group. Now, Polaris marketers use web-based dashboards to gauge the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. The solution integrates data from numerous channels to provide insights about the performance of each Polaris brand’s effectiveness in reaching consumers—much faster than before. For instance, Polaris produces real-time reports to measure engagement on its website and in other channels to improve engagement and optimize its marketing investments. Since implementing the solution, Polaris has achieved a double-digit reduction in “bounce rate” and cost-per-visit for its online ads.


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