Don't Customize SharePoint 2013; Make or Break for Microsoft; Windows 8 is a Catastrophe

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Microsoft Doesn't Advise You Customize SharePoint 2013 (CMSWire)
A couple of years ago I wrote here about the dangers of “look and feel fever” when working on SharePoint projects. This is where the UI of a SharePoint implementation is customized, and the client subsequently becomes obsessed with what the system looks like rather than what it offers functionally. It is with this in mind that I noted the SharePoint 2013 announcement on the official Microsoft SharePoint blog.

Don't Sell Collaboration Too Cheap (CMSWire)
The "you get what you pay for" mentality still survives in the enterprise and is an important point to remember when trying to demonstrate the true value of collaborative tools to decision makers. Payoffs of Collaboration: Plenty of research and studies from recent years have concluded that an organization’s ability and extent of collaboration has a major impact on its performance.

Army Command Gets Collaborative with SharePoint Portal (GCN)
The U.S. Army Communications-Electronic Command (CECOM) is using a portal to centralize its data, streamline applications and connect its more than 13,000 employees worldwide. The agency anticipates that the Microsoft SharePoint portal, which was officially announced to staff June 28, will reduce administrative burden, lower costs, improve records management, increase data accuracy and rationalize information management.

Windows 8, IE 10, Office 2013: Make or Break for Microsoft (PC Advisor)
With the announcement of Office 2013 and the upgraded Office 365, Microsoft has finally shown its complete hand. Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, IE 10, Xbox with Kinect, and Office 2013 is the family of products Microsoft wants you to use throughout your computing life. The Windows Store is where it wants you to spend your money.

Three Reasons You Should Switch to Office 365 (PCWorld)
Office 2013 will soon be here, along with a new and improved version of the cloud-based Office 365. If you’re looking to upgrade, you have to decide whether the traditional desktop version of Office is the way to go, or if Office 365 is a better fit for your needs. There are a few compelling arguments in favor of Office 365. Let’s take a look at three reasons Office 365 might be the right choice:

Office 2013: Can Complexity and Touch Get Along? [UPDATED] (TechPinions)
The new version of Microsoft Office, unveiled this week in a consumer preview, has an awful lot riding on it. The strongest claim Microsoft can make for Windows 8 tablets, including the Microsoft-branded Surface, is that they will deliver the full Office experience. This probably won’t mean much to consumers, most of whom can do perfectly well with the Office alternatives available today for the iPad. But it is a very big deal in the enterprise, where Office still rules and advanced features are routinely used.

Windows 8 Is A 'Catastrophe' According To Gabe Newell - Valve Hedging With Steam On Linux (Forbes)
With Microsoft’s latest operating system, the colorful tiled Windows 8, launching later this year, software developers are already starting to voice their nervousness over the system’s usability. Recently game developer, Valve, said they’re working on porting their digital distribution platform, Steam, over to Linux. Zombie shooter Left 4 Dead 2 will be the first game available for Ubuntu users. Now Valve head-honcho, Gabe Newell, tells us why.

Windows 8 Fear and Uncertainty Kicks In (CNET)
Windows 8 FUD is starting to hit the fan. That would be fear, uncertainty, and doubt. As in, "I think that Windows 8 is kind of a catastrophe for everybody in the PC space." That was said yesterday by Gabe Newell, a former Microsoft employee and managing director of Valve Software, which makes games such as Half-Life and created the Steam gaming platform for Windows and Apple's OS X.

Windows Phone 8 Software Development Kit Leaks to the Web (ZDNet)
Windows Phone developers have been clamoring for the new Windows Phone development kit since Microsoft previewed some of the new features in its "Apollo" operating system a month ago. Microsoft officials have continued to hold to the party line that the Windows Phone 8 software development kit (SDK) would be out "this summer." But on July 26, a preview of the SDK leaked to the Web, exposing some of the announced -- and still officially unannounced -- next-generation Windows Phone features.


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Feeding the Newsfeed (Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog)
I’ll admit it: when I started working on SharePoint’s social features, I didn’t understand the value and was worried that we’d be building something that distracted people from getting their work done. As we near the end of the release, my view on what social features are and what value they bring couldn’t be more different. After I grab my morning coffee, the first thing that I do is bring up my Newsfeed to scope out what’s happening with my co-workers and projects, and to see what’s being discussed across the company. My Newsfeed gives me a sense of comfort, a reassuring feeling that I’m up-to-date on the things that I care about and the things that are happening around me. In fact, I love reading my new SharePoint Newsfeed so much that I already wrote a blog post that includes a description of how I use it.

Welcome To SharePoint 2013! (Warranty Void If Opened) (Furuknap's SharePoint Corner)
I’m a huge proponent of using SharePoint as a platform rather than as a product. By that, I mean that you should use SharePoint to build what you need, rather than limit your usage to what Microsoft has given you. That’s now apparently coming to a full stop if we are to believe Jeff Teper, the father of SharePoint as we know it. We are no longer encouraged to modify SharePoint to fit our needs and instead should now use SharePoint the way Microsoft made it. In fact, Microsoft explicitly said to not touch it because we’ll only make it worse.

Geo Location Field in SharePoint 2013 (SharePointDevWiki)
Last year I wrote a series of articles on a mash up between a SharePoint list and Bing Maps, it was a three part article and took quite a lot of time to get the end result. Thankfully in SharePoint 2013 Preview, Microsoft has added the functionality in to achieve this fairly easily. This is achieved with a Geo location field. This field stores location information i.e. Longitude/Latitude which can then be rendered on a Bing/Nokia Map. The one downside is that you’re going to need to crack out Visual Studio 2012 in order to add this field, or at least this is what the examples say on MSDN. Hopefully this is added in to the interface by release, I couldn’t find it anywhere however.

SharePoint v2.0 for Education- the Next Generation of Learning Platforms Video (SharePointEduTech)
On the 17th July I had the pleasure of doing a joint webinar with Mike Herrity on the subject of learning platforms and more to the point using SharePoint. During this webinar we showed quite a few solutions that we and many others in education use. All of these solutions are available from SharePointEduTech and I would also suggest that if you are considering migrating to 2010 from SharePoint 2003 or 2007 that you should check out Information Manager Personal Edition from MetaVis starting at just $695 that really is too good a price to turn down.

SP2013 WCM: Forget Everything You Knew About SharePoint WCM! (Andrew Connell)
Microsoft has now announced the latest release of SharePoint 2013 and it's filled with lots of stuff. As I talked about in a previous post, you'll see there are a ton of changes and additions to the platform dedicated to bringing SharePoint 2013 to a great cloud-based platform with robust capabilities. There are a few things that are dedicated to only working in an on-premises deployment. In my eyes, there are three things that aren't included in the cloud or their cloud offering won't touch what you can do on-premise. These are search, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) & Web Content Management (WCM). In this post I'm going to focus on one of my favorite topics in SharePoint: WCM.


Around Bamboo Nation
World Clock & Weather App for SharePoint 2013 Now Available at the Microsoft Office Store (The Bamboo Team Blog)
What an exciting couple of weeks it's been for Microsoft. In case you missed it, early last week, Microsoft made available the Beta release of Office 2013 which includes—and what we here at Bamboo are most excited about—SharePoint 2013! SharePoint 2013 provides a wealth of new features as well as new architecture, making this release the best one yet. One such new feature is the introduction of Apps. OK, OK, Apps in general aren't an entirely new concept as they include the DNA of Web Parts, but Apps also include a new architecture—formerly known as Sandbox Solutions—which users can deploy without any server-side installation requirements.

The Genealogy of Project Tasks - Predecessors, Successors, & Missing Links (The Bottom-Line PM)
All your tasks have been entered into Project and you've estimated how many man-hours they'll take (Work), or how long the Duration of each task is. That's all been your computing power. Now it's time to help Project work its magic to help you. What we're going to do today is link our project tasks within Project.


SharePoint Job Listings*
SharePoint Engineer - Washington, DC
CITI supports the government client in developing Internet-based applications using Microsoft technologies. The client is migrating to Internet-based technologies from several legacy technologies. A candidate will work within a structured development environment and follow best development practices. The System Engineer will take guidance from the lead programmer/analyst, application architect, or project manager to convert application requirements into functional solutions.

SharePoint Developer - Bethesda, MD
The candidate will be the lead developer on the SharePoint portal team comprised of portal developers, usability, and knowledge management experts. The Lead SharePoint Developer will help implement an intranet portal that organizes enterprise information and provides convenient, single-point access to major third-party information systems, management tools, business intelligence capabilities, and enterprise content management capabilities.


Microsoft Updates
New SharePoint Technical Content (SharePoint IT Pro Blog)
These are indeed exciting times for the Microsoft Office Division as a whole, and definitely for those of us who work on the technical content. First off, we hope you like the refreshed look and feel of this blog. Look for more design evolutions as time goes on, and of course, lots of SharePoint IT pro content! Check out the TechNet home page and feature package that launched today. They cover top-level IT professional content for new Office, Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, Lync, and Project and even include an Editor’s note by yours truly.


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