SharePoint Cloud Migration Advice; No Windows 8 Boot to Desktop; Wozniak Wrong on Cloud Computing

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Q&A: SharePoint Cloud Migration Advice (RedmondMag)
SharePoint can be a heckuva product. For some it's even better in the cloud, where you don't have to worry about servers, licenses, NICs and all the rest. You can let your hoster handle all those worries. At least that's what Errin O'Connor, founder and CEO of EPC, believes. He recently spoke with Redmond magazine Editor in Chief Doug Barney.

SharePoint: Who, How and Why We're Using It [Infographic] (CMSWire)
August belongs to SharePoint at CMSWire. This month, we’ll examine SharePoint from many different perspectives. But before we do, what is SharePoint? If you had to conceptualize it, what would it look like? What characteristics would be highlighted?

Microsoft Opens Office Store to Add New Features to Outlook, SharePoint, & More (VentureBeat)
Microsoft has opened its new Office Store, an app marketplace aimed at adding new capabilities to Office and Office 365 apps, the company announced today. We suspected the Office Store was on its way due to a July blog post about implementing a new “cloud app model” for Office. Microsoft will incorporate the Office Store into the next versions of Office and SharePoint, but like the Windows 8 App Store, it is now in preview mode so companies and developers can get their apps ready for the full launch of Office 2013.

The Rise Of The Enterprise Startup: Consumerization And Clouds Open The Door, Disruption Closes The Deal (TechCrunch)
It was only a few years ago that selling IT to enterprises was the terrain mainly of large companies like IBM, Oracle and Accenture. And in a market that is forecast to be worth some $3.6 trillion this year, they may still be top dogs, but another trend is also afoot: the growth of the enterprise startup.

Microsoft Said to Block Ability to Boot Straight to Desktop in Windows 8 (ZDNet)
If you were one of those business users counting on being able to circumvent the new tiled Windows 8 start menu, you may be disappointed. The final release-to-manufacturing (RTM) builds of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 have been leaking to the Web for last few days. Those with access to the final builds are discovering the final tweaks Microsoft made to the product since the last public test build, Windows 8 Release Preview, was delivered.

Microsoft Surface Slate: Acer, Resellers Predict a Riot (The Channel)
Microsoft has scored two own goals by getting into the hardware game with Surface, the software giant's design for a laptop that thinks it's a tablet: long-standing PC manufacturers are alienated, and there is growing disquiet in the channel over Redmond's decision to sell the lap slab direct. The Pegatron-built Surface slate will hit the streets at the same time as Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system on 24 October, but it has already caused some controversy.

Yammer Lets Organizations Measure Emotions in Enterprise Social Networks (CIO)
Yammer is adding functionality to its cloud-based enterprise social networking (ESN) software that lets organizations gauge the types of emotions expressed in employee posts. The new capability will be provided via an integration with Kanjoya, whose Crane software is designed to identify and analyze "sentiment" in text, Yammer said on Thursday.

Wozniak is Wrong About Cloud Computing (InfoWorld)
In a recent interview, Steve Wozniak, who co-founded Apple with the late Steve Jobs, predicted "horrible problems" with the use of cloud computing over the next five years. "I really worry about everything going to the cloud," he said. "I think it's going to be horrendous." He added: "With the cloud, you don't own anything. You already signed it away." was taken aback by this statement, especially since most provider agreements state that you do own your data in their cloud. Perhaps he was referring to consumer clouds and social networking sites that may present different terms.


Around the Blogosphere
Is a Higher SharePoint Backup Thread Count Better? (SharePoint Interface)
Scalability in the hardware and software space is all about parallel computing nowadays. Consider our modern hardware: it used to be that all we really cared about was how fast our CPU could run (“how many GHz?”) Now, we care more about how many cores our CPU has, whether or not those cores support Hyper-threading, how many memory channels our CPU has available to it, etc. Scale-out beats scale-up.

GAC and SharePoint (Winsmarts)
GAC and SharePoint have had a funny love & hate relationship. In 2007, SharePoint and GAC fell in love. GAC was about the only practical alternative to deploying custom code. Here is a dirty secret, based on completely unscientific and unfounded research, I can tell you that 99% of SharePoint code written, ended up in the GAC. Yes, I know GAC rhymes with hack, crack, smack, and even mac, but still it was the better alternative.

Delete SharePoint 2010 Calendar Items Without Viewing Them First  (Views from Veronique)
Just stumbled across another way to delete calendar items. Click on the white space of the item, not on any of the words as that will open the item.  Hit the Delete key on your keyboard; it will let you delete it just like that. Saves having to view the item first. Bit of useless information for the day.

Image Renditions in SharePoint 2013 (Waldek Mastykarz)
One of the challenges when building websites for mobile devices is optimizing images to improve website’s performance. SharePoint 2013 introduces the Image Renditions capability that allows you to optimize your images for mobile devices.


Around Bamboo Nation
Sharing the Point Tour Heads to Africa Next Month (The Bamboo Team Blog)
On the heels of Asia, South America, and Antarctica, the Sharing the Point (STP) Tour, will mark its fourth continent in under two years next month when STP team members converge on Africa for what promises to be an absolutely epic tour.  With four official events, two of which will see STP joining forces with SharePoint Saturday for the first-ever "team-ups," this is already shaping up to be an historic tour.


SharePoint Job Listings*
SharePoint Project Manager - Merrillville, IN
A Project Manager  who can work with current business managers and  technical resources to effectively manage the planning, development, and implementation of new SharePoint applications, and migration from the existing portal infrastructure to the new SharePoint 2010 portal infrastructure.

SharePoint Developer - Orlando, FL
The web programmer will work closely with the Business Analysis team to maintain and enhance existing proprietary systems built within the SharePoint MOSS 2007 framework in HTML5, Flash ActionScript  3, and JavaScript.  This individual will need expert analytical skills to understand, troubleshoot, and maintain an existing system, and he or she will also be tasked with enhancing the system, based on approved business requirements.


Microsoft Updates
New SharePoint Technical Content (SharePoint IT Pro Blog)
These are indeed exciting times for the Microsoft Office Division as a whole, and definitely for those of us who work on the technical content. First off, we hope you like the refreshed look and feel of this blog. Look for more design evolutions as time goes on, and of course, lots of SharePoint IT pro content! Check out the TechNet home page and feature package that launched today. They cover top-level IT professional content for new Office, Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, Lync, and Project and even include an Editor’s note by yours truly.


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