Successful SharePoint 2013 Migrations; Office 365 Questions & Answers; IE10 on Windows 7 Essential Facts

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5 Tasks For Successful Migrations To SharePoint 2013 (CMSWire)
In the past week, Microsoft released a new version of Office 2013 and a new home subscription version of Office 365. The next big release will be the general release of SharePoint 2013, even if we still don’t know when. To help companies that are planning to move to SharePoint 2013, or migrate from an earlier version, Dell has put together a few tasks that should get you into the right planning mode.

Mind the (ECM) Gap – Rescuing a Rocky SharePoint Relationship (AIIM)
Hey. It’s me. It’s been a while since we talked but ever since you became a Microsoft partner and started implementing SharePoint we’ve kinda drifted apart. I know you’ve been delivering SharePoint “solutions” for a long time now and you’re even Microsoft Gold Certified. That’s great for you and you should be really proud.

Plan Carefully Now to Avoid SharePoint Deployment Frustration Later (SearchContentManagement)
Many SharePoint deployment frustrations can be quashed by dedicating a little more time to the planning stage, according to users and industry experts. Organizations are often so enticed by SharePoint's rich functionality and promise that they forgo the drudgery of planning in favor of quick implementations, said David Kruglov, managing director of Montrose, Calif.-based SharePoint consultancy ShareSquared.

Microsoft's Office 365: Business Users' Top Questions (and Answers) (ZDNet)
Microsoft launched and began rolling out the updated version of its Office 365 cloud-hosted suite of apps for business users on February 27. Existing and potential users have plenty of questions about the upgrade. As many, if not more, of their questions seem to be about the rollout of the new Office 365 than they are about the refreshed Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online and Office 2013 services/products themselves.

Microsoft's DelBene: Want Office on an iPad? Use SkyDrive (CNET)
Microsoft Office division president sheds no new insight on when, or even if, the software giant will offer an Office app for iOS, instead encouraging iPad and iPhone users to view documents through Microsoft's Web storage app.

Office 2013 or Office 365 - What's Best? (iTWire)
Many reviews start with 'If you have Office 2010 (or even 2007) then there are few compelling reasons to update to Office 2013'. I say that there are many reasons including better security, better internet integration, it does more stuff “betterer” and has superior software management.

IE10 on Windows 7: 5 Essential Facts (InformationWeek)
Four months after debuting as part of Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) is finally available for Windows 7. A preview version of the new browser has been available for Windows 7 since November, but Tuesday's release will be the first taste for the majority of the operating system's 700 million users, the largest user base of any Microsoft platform.

What Firefox Means to Microsoft (The Motley Fool)
Just when Microsoft may have thought it had securely secured the No. 3 mobile OS spot for itself behind Google and Apple, along comes Moziila with its Firefox OS to throw its hat in the ring. While it would be unusual for a newcomer to pose a real threat to any of these increasingly established names, the fact that Firefox will target the low end of the smartphone market, specifically in emerging markets, means that it must be taken seriously. Ultimately, while Apple and Google will be forced to react, Microsoft has the most to lose and must keep pressing forward with its strategy to grow its user base.


Around the Blogosphere
Using PowerShell to Manage SharePoint 2013 Online (SharePoint Automation)
When SharePoint 2010 was released we had hundreds of cmdlets available for our on-premises deployments but when it came to Office365 we only had cmdlets available for manipulating our subscription details, users in AD, and Exchange Online ( With the release of SharePoint 2013 as part of the Office365 offering we now have the ability to use PowerShell to manipulate our SharePoint Site Collections in the cloud. The capabilities are somewhat limited in that our abilities are limited to manipulating Site Collections, but it’s a start. In this article I’ll walk through the available cmdlets and detail some examples of how to use them.

Being Picky Has Hurt a Lot of Companies When It Comes to SharePoint – Do You Have Any Examples to Share? (SharePoint Solutions Team Blog)
I think one of the reasons a lot of companies have had so much difficulty with SharePoint deployments and adoption over the past ten years is simply their “pickiness.”  I know this is true because I have seen it over and over again with my own eyes in my role as a consultant and trainer.

SharePoint How To: Write Access 2013 Custom Web App on Office 365 (SharePointDevWiki)
Step 1: Sign into Office 365 enterprise and get a free version of Office as well as SharePoint. I installed Access 2013 on my local machine and used SharePoint from Office 365 enterprise version. Create a team site on the cloud environment and use that URL in the Web Location text box.

Did You Know Microsoft Expression 4 Is Now Free? (C5 Insight)
I don’t believe Microsoft Expression ever had a huge following from web developers and graphics designers, but it served a purpose.  Whether you liked it, hated or loved it, Microsoft has done what it does best again.

Declarative Provisioning of List Event Handlers in SharePoint 2013 (Waldek Mastykarz)
When provisioning List Event Handlers you can choose either for the imperative or the declarative approach. And although there are many advantages to using the later, there are also a few things to take into account.


Around Bamboo Nation
Create a Claims-based SharePoint 2013 Web Application Using Windows PowerShell (SharePoint 2013)
Claims-based authentication is the default and preferred method of user authentication, and is required to take advantage of server-to-server authentication and app authentication in SharePoint 2013. Claims-based SharePoint 2013 Web applications can be created both through the Central Administration page as well as through the use of Windows PowerShell cmdlets. In this article, we will walk through the process of creating a new claims-based SharePoint 2013 Web application using Windows PowerShell.

Bamboo to SHARE the Love with Discount Code for SHARE Conference in Atlanta (The Bamboo Team Blog)
Bamboo Solutions is excited to announce that we'll be heading to Atlanta for the 2013 SHARE Conference from April10th through the 12th.  SHARE is built for the SharePoint business community, by the community, and offers an ideal environment for business users to engage in important conversations, form lasting relationships, and pinpoint new and innovative ways to use SharePoint to drive business results.  For those looking to join us in Atlanta for SHARE, as conference Gold Partners, we're pleased to offer you $300 off your registration fee when you use discount code "Bamboo13" when registering.


SharePoint Job Listings*
SharePoint Developer - Atlanta, GA
Global Financial Institution is seeking SharePoint Developer for a contract engagement in the Downtown area of Atlanta, GA.  In this role, work on a project aimed at developing a common service delivery suite of tools to automate and enable the service delivery process globally. The SharePoint Engineer will create forms using InfoPath, create workflows using K2, and will write custom code with C# using SharePoint API.  Successful candidates will have the following skills:

Senior Support Engineer - Reston, Virginia
Bamboo is currently looking for a Senior Support Engineer to join our customer support team. The primary purpose of this position is working with customers globally to make sure our products and the customer's SharePoint implementations are performing optimally.

SharePoint Site Collection Administrator - Sacramento, CA
Candidates must be competent to manage and administer SharePoint Enterprise 2010, information, communications and access to SharePoint team sites and subsites.  The position requires expert judgment, knowledge and experience in working with SharePoint Enterprise 2010, with specific details outlined below.  This position will allow the successful candidate to work in a fast paced environment with highly motivated project staff who are working together to deliver one of the largest projects in the country.


Microsoft Updates
Episode 100 - Introduction to the Windows Azure Service Bus Notification Hubs (Cloud 9)
Recently we announced a new preview feature Windows Azure Service Bus Notification Hubs.  In this episode Nick Harris and Nate Totten are joined by Elio Damaggio Program Manager II on Windows Azure Service Bus who provides a great overview, and demo of, Notification Hubs and their use from Windows Store and iOS applications.


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