Are SharePoint Road Maps Necessary?; Microsoft Mobile Priorities; How Will Windows 8 Evolve?

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Do You Need a SharePoint Road Map? (CMSWire)
A SharePoint road map. It’s a neat phrase, and one that evokes images of nicely labeled diagrams, feature discussions and documented plans for the future. And it won’t work. Certainly not for everyone. The road map could be a lengthy Word document or a huge drawing. It could be a set of diagrams linked together, or hundreds of bullet points. But no matter how it is recorded, it is a fixed pre-planned description of a system (in this case an Intranet or similar) that you are planning to build.

7 Reasons to Love SharePoint 2013 as a Site Administrator (AIIM)
SharePoint 2013 seems to be getting a lot of buzz these days.  The reviews have been mostly positive, but there have been a few articles and discussions that appear to fundamentally misunderstand the new features and functionalities of the next release of SharePoint, even those written by seasoned IT professionals.

7 Things About SharePoint 2013 All IT Pros Should Know (MIS Asia)
SharePoint, for Microsoft, has grown into a billions-of-dollars-a-year sort of business that increases its market share in the double-digit range each year. Not to put too fine a point on it: SharePoint is a beast in its space. Companies are adopting it worldwide to centralize knowledge, increase collaboration, develop applications on top of it and realize actionable intelligence about their overall business health.

Hands-on With the New Office 365 Business Plans (ZDNet)
With the public launch of its new Office 365 business plans, Microsoft's move into a subscription-based Office is nearly complete. How much technical skill does it take to set up and run one of these plans? Here's a hands-on look.

Microsoft’s Mobile Priorities for 2013: Tablets, Office, & Better Apps (Venture Beat)
If Microsoft wants to win in 2013, it needs to win in the mobile realm. That much is clear. But how does it take the crown from the likes of Apple and Google? While Microsoft wouldn’t explicitly tell me about its plans for 2013 or generally talk about what it wants to accomplish, there is a lot we can glean from looking at what Microsoft did in 2012 and from the company’s previous statements. I’ve also talked to two experts who have kept close tabs on Microsoft’s product strategy over the years.

Office 2013 Tip: Manage Your Connected Services (Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows)
Looked at from a high-level, the single biggest change in Office 2013 when compared with previous versions is its deep connectivity with online services. This connectivity takes a number of forms, including the syncing of settings through SkyDrive and the ongoing updates that occur to subscription-based versions of the suite. But one of the more interesting ways in which you can customize and improve Office is to connect it to the services you use every day.

Microsoft Strikes Back At Amazon With Windows Azure Community Portal (ReadWrite)
It is difficult to avoid a weird feeling of Deja-vu when looking at the current cloud-computing landscape. Microsoft is once again battling for the future of the technology industry. For years, Microsoft dominated the IT landscape with its Windows operating system, providing an industry-standard platform that others built on top of. Regardless of any pricing issues or technical shortcomings, the vast ecosystem of Windows applications and service providers ensured the continued success of the platform for many years and was an insurmountable barrier for competitors. It was not until the Web came along that this dominance was seriously challenged. The book High-Stakes, No Prisoners chronicles the story of the FrontPage acquisition and does a good job of providing a peek into the ruthless ‘battle for the Web’ against Netscape.

Windows Blue: How Will Windows 8 Evolve? (InformationWeek)
For months now, Windows Blue has been the software equivalent of Sasquatch -- which is to say, much-discussed, seldom glimpsed and possibly not what everyone assumes. Big Foot has yet to stomp from folklore into reality, but recent leaks suggest that Windows Blue will make its public debut relatively soon, perhaps as early as June. Microsoft has been mostly mum on the alleged Windows 8 update, refusing to officially verify that it exists. Even so, the rumors have begun to converge around common themes. How does Redmond intend to make its new, touch-friendly OS gain momentum?


Around the Blogosphere
My Experience Migrating to Office 365 (Andrew Connell)
While it isn't exactly spring yet, but it sure feels like it where I'm from. I live in north-east Florida where it is usually much colder in January & February (30F's-50F's) than we are seeing now (50F's-80F's). As such, it feels like spring to me so my spring cleaning kicked in. This year I have embarked on two big personal projects. The first one, migrating my blog & site from the seemingly dead SubText engine to the open source OrchardCMS platform and host it on Windows Azure (currently working on this and I’ll have a whole series of posts on it once it’s done). The other one is what I wanted to touch on in this post: migrating as much stuff as I could to Office 365.

OneNote and Metadata in SharePoint - Part 1 of 5 (EndUserSharePoint)
The Scenario: As a SharePoint Consultant, I support several clients. I keep a list of my clients in my SharePoint MySite: For each client, I store and manage related documents (like Statements of Works, Requirements documents, or important Emails) as well as OneNote notebooks. Using SharePoint’s concept of Related Lists, each document can contain metadata about the client to which it applies:

Create ProjectServer 2010 MSProject 2010 Accounts with PowerShell (SharePoint (and Project Server) Shenanigans)
Quite often system administrators want a way to automate tasks, creating the Project Server Project Professional  accounts is usually one of these tasks. This blog post shows an example of creating a Project Professional 2010 account. The script can be downloaded from the Script Center following the link below:

SQL Server Memory Settings Explained (SharePointITPro)
SQL Server is the heart of SharePoint. When it stops, SharePoint dies. Therefore, it is important for you as a SharePoint (Technical) Consultant to know how to install and configure SQL Server for SharePoint. Recently I have experienced a moment of Oops at a customer where they have SharePoint and too little knowledge how to set up and maintain a good environment.

How to: Sort Search Queries in SharePoint 2013 (Dot Net Mafia)
Sorting search results has always been an interesting subject in SharePoint.  It was actually harder to do than you would think.  In SharePoint 2007, all you had was relevance and modified date (write).  The KeywordQuery class did not have anything to allow you to sort.  You could get around this though by using SQL Syntax though but it was not ideal.  As a reminder, you should stop using SQL Syntax now.  In SharePoint 2010, Microsoft added a SortList property to the KeywordQuery class however, if you tried to use it, you would likely get the error: Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040E60.  This is because, code was added to prevent SharePoint 2010 to sort on anything but relevance and modified date.  The only way to get sortable search results was to add FAST Search for SharePoint (FS4SP).   That was unfortunate as many people wanted to sort but did not want to make that kind of investment.


Around Bamboo Nation
How to Enable and Use .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.5 in Windows Server 2012 (The Bamboo Team Blog)
For all of you .NET Framework users, you will be happy to know that in Windows Server 2012, Microsoft supports .NET Framework 3.5 (the same model used in previous Windows releases) as well as .NET Framework 4.5 (the newest version).  However, they're not enabled by default, so if you wish to use either one, you will need to manually turn them on.

How to Configure My Sites in SharePoint 2013 (SharePoint 2013)
Wondering why you (or your users) are getting that pesky "The webpage cannot be found" message when you click on About Me on your SharePoint 2013 site?  Chances are, you haven't yet configured your site for My Sites.  In this article, we'll walk you through the steps you need to configure My Sites in SharePoint 2013 (and get rid of error messages like the one pictured below).


SharePoint Job Listings*
Sr. SharePoint Developer - Herndon, Virginia
The SharePoint Developer will be responsible for the O&M of existing SharePoint sites and the conversation of Lotus Notes/Domino databases to creation of new SharePoint sites in the support of the customer conversion initiatives. The SharePoint Developer will also provide basic application software support for SharePoint applications/sites including but not limited to adding and removing Site Collection Administrators (SCA); creating, managing, and deleting SharePoint lists and web parts; and providing guidance to customers.

Sr. SharePoint Architect - Arlington, VA
Sr. SharePoint Architect for a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Sr. SharePoint Developer If you are a U.S. Citizen and Senior SharePoint Architect with experience, please read on! We are an IT solutions provider for the US government recognized as one of the 100 best places to work in IT in 2012 by Computerworld. We are looking for a fulltime Sr. SharePoint Architect who is well-versed in developing and enforcing best practice concepts and principles throughout the SharePoint Architecture with out-of-box as well as custom features. As our architect, you will work with clients and business analysts and be responsible for the design, development and implementation of SharePoint 2007/2010. What you need for this position:

Senior Support Engineer - Reston, VA
Bamboo is currently looking for a Senior Support Engineer to join our customer support team. The primary purpose of this position is working with customers globally to make sure our products and the customer's SharePoint implementations are performing optimally.


Microsoft Updates
Episode 100 - Introduction to the Windows Azure Service Bus Notification Hubs (Cloud 9)
Recently we announced a new preview feature Windows Azure Service Bus Notification Hubs.  In this episode Nick Harris and Nate Totten are joined by Elio Damaggio Program Manager II on Windows Azure Service Bus who provides a great overview, and demo of, Notification Hubs and their use from Windows Store and iOS applications.


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