Create a New Content Type in SharePoint

In my last entry, we looked at allowing multiple Content Types in a SharePoint document library.  Today, as promised, we'll be creating a new content type template, which will then be available as a default content type from within a document library.  To get started, we need to click the Site Settings item in the Site Actions dropdown.

On the resulting Site Settings page, find and click the hyperlink for Site content types under the Galleries heading:

On the Site Content Type Gallery page, click the Create button located above the list at the upper left-hand corner.  Doing so will render the New Site Content Type creation page:

Since we need to have an existing template of the content type we want to add, I'm going to create a new Excel workbook called Site Traffic.  In the Name field on the New Site Content Type form pictured above, I'm going to also name the content type Site Traffic, and will enter a short Description as well.  The Parent Content Type section consists of two related dropdown menus.  The first of these is Select parent content type from, and your choices are Document, Folder, List, and Special.  Of these, Excel is a Document, so that will be my selection.  The second dropdown menu here is for Parent Content Type, and my choice here will also be Document.  The other Parent Content Types in this second menu are Basic Page, Dublin Core Columns, Form, Link to a Document, Master Page, Picture, and Web Part Page.  The final section is Group, which allows you to place the New Content Type in an Existing group (which is the default radio button selection), or in a New group of your own choosing and creation.  The options associated with Existing group include Custom, Document, Folder, List, and Special.  I'm going to create a new Group and call it Blogs.  With all of these selections in place, I'm ready to hit the OK button and create my New Site Content Type:

We're not done yet though.  On the resulting page, which lists the information associated with your new Site Conent Type, click the Advanced settings hyperlink under the Settings heading.  After clicking that link, on the Advanced Settings page, select the Upload a new document template radio button, click Browse, locate your document (Site Traffic.xlsx in my case), and click OK.  I'm going to leave the remaining choices set to the defaults (read only = no; update all content types inheriting from this type = yes).  This will place us back on the Site Content Type page for our document, and will click the Add from new Site Column hyperlink, under the Columns heading.

On the resulting New Site Column page, we need to assign a Name to the new column.  I'll call mine Metrics.  The next decision regards the type of information that will be stored in this column, and I'm going to leave mine set to the default, Single line of textGroup is the next section, and I'm going to select the New group radio button and type in Blogs.  In the Additional Column settings section, I'm going to enter three choices:  SharePoint Blank, SharePoint Daily, and The Bamboo Team Blog.  Again, I'm going to leave the remaining Update List and Site Content Types section set to the default, and click OK.

Next I'm going to navigate to the Document Library Settings from within the Shared Documents library on my My Site, and locate the Content Types header.  By default, you'll see the preexisting content type that has been associated with your library, in my case, Document.  I'm going to click the Add from Existing Site Content Types hyperlink in this section and, on the resulting Add Content Types page, I'll select my Blogs group within the Select site content types from dropdown menu.  Next, my Site Traffic item will populate within the Available Site Content Types field, and I'll click the Add button to move it to the Content types to add field:

After clicking OK (not shown), I'm dropped back into the Customize Shared Documents page, where I can see that my new Site Traffic content type is now listed along with the preexisting Document default content type:

And voila, now I (or anyone with access to my My Site) can create new documents using the Site Traffic content type within my Shared Documents library.

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AC wrote re: Create a New Content Type in SharePoint
on Tue, Nov 25 2008 5:16 PM


Is it possible to open a .snp (snapshot) document without having to save it first?



John Anderson wrote re: Create a New Content Type in SharePoint
on Tue, Jan 6 2009 1:15 PM

Hiya, AC - thanks for the question.  I must confess, I didn't even know what a Snapshot document *was* when you posed the question, but I have since educated myself, and I dedicated yesterday's entry to answering your question.

The short version of the answer that I arrived at is, "yes, provided you have the Snapshot Viewer," and you can read the longer version of my answer at:

seb283 wrote re: Create a New Content Type in SharePoint
on Sat, Jan 31 2009 1:50 PM

Dear John,

When I am done creating the Content type I need, created a list and added the content type to the list, I have a nice New button opening a template I would like the end users save in this particular library.

But instead of saving the document in this library, the C: folder opens up.

Do you know how do setup up the things that they will save the doc in this library?


John Anderson wrote re: Create a New Content Type in SharePoint
on Wed, Feb 11 2009 5:23 PM

Hiya, seb283 - Thanks for writing!  I spent some time today investigating the behavior you describe, and I've written up my findings (such as they are) in a blog post.  I'd ask that you please take a look at that post and, if I haven't hit upon something that leads you towards a solution, would you leave a comment with some additional information so that I can continue to look into the matter for you?

The direct link to today's post on the topic is:

sudhirgg2 wrote re: Create a New Content Type in SharePoint
on Fri, Mar 27 2009 2:35 AM

Dear John,

Its a nice article about adding content types in document library. I am more intersted in best practices related to multple content type in same library when multiple content types have multiple meta-data?

John Anderson wrote re: Create a New Content Type in SharePoint
on Mon, Mar 30 2009 4:04 PM

Hello, sudhirgg2 - thanks for writing.  The question you asked touches on an area where I've had very little exposure, so I did a little digging on your behalf and dedicated today's post to my findings.  The direct link to that post is:

Hope that helps!

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