Collaboration Templates for SharePoint Sites

I seem to be stumbling across more and more areas of SharePoint that require additional investigation while I've been going about my daily SharePoint Blank routine of late, and that fact has once again led to a follow-up blog post today.  While working my way through the wiki creation process a couple of days ago, you may recall that wikis were just one of a number of choices listed under the Collaboration template tab of the New SharePoint Site page options.  (And there are a number of other template tabs, each with their own series of options, but that's an entirely different can of worms!)

It's with that fact in mind that I wanted to briefly introduce each of the other Collaboration templates available to you for creation as a new SharePoint site.  Conveniently, the setup process for each of them is identical in terms of the information required of the end user, so I'm going to take a short cut here and shamelessly recommend that you refer back to my Create a Wiki Site post for the step-by-step creation process for each of the Collaboration templates I'll be touching on here.

In addition to a Wiki Site, the additional Collaboration templates that are available to you include:

  • Team Site, which is "a site for teams to quickly organize, author, and share information. It provides a document library, and lists for managing announcements, calendar items, tasks, and discussions."
  • Blank Site, which is just that, "a blank site for you to customize based on your requirements."
  • Document Workspace, which is "a site for colleagues to work together on a document. It provides a document library for storing the primary document and supporting files, a tasks list for assigning to-do items, and a links list for resources related to the document." 
  • Blog, which if you're reading this, I suspect you're pretty familiar with the form, but the boilerplate is "a site for a person or team to post ideas, observations, and expertise that site visitors can comment on."

And that wraps up the list of available Collaboration templates.  And, true to form, having now completed this exercise, I'm now realizing that I should probably plan on dedicating some time to actually create and explore at least a couple of those templates in future blog entries.  

Funny how this very blog entry kind of turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy, huh? 

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