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Document Workspace logoAs noted last week while investigating how to create a wiki site, I discovered that there are many other, additional template types available that allow you to quickly and easily create a site for collaboration in SharePoint.  Today I'd like to take a closer look at one of those additional templates, the Document Workspace template.

As mentioned previously, the initial decision points are identical for creating all of the collaboration templates, so I won't provide an(other) illustrated blow-by-blow on that process here, but I'm going to create a site named 2009 Editorial Planning for my demo, and I will be pointing out one of the key choices I made differently while creating my Document Workspace, as opposed to my demo wiki site.

Having provided a Title (2009 Editorial Planning) in my setup process, I provided that same Web site Address (/2009EditorialPlanning) in the provided input field, then selected the Document Workspace option under the Collaboration template tab.  It's at this point that I diverged from my wiki creation decision path in order to gain some new insight into the template creation process, and I did this by choosing to Use unique permissions rather than inheriting the same permissions as the parent site:

For my Navigation options, I opted to display my new site in the Quick Launch bar of the parent site, but not in the top link bar, and I chose to use the top link bar from the parent site.  At this point, I was ready to hit the almighty Create button, and so I intoned, "let there be Document Workspace!" and made it so.

Given my earlier decision to use unique permissions, it didn't come as a surprise that I was next presented with an additional step in the site creation process, which was the Set Up Groups for this Site page.   I went ahead and filled out this page by clicking the Add all authenticated users hyperlink for the Visitors to this Site option and, noting that as creator, I had already been auto-added in the Members of this Site and the Owners of this Site fields, I added my team members to the Members field (which uses the familiar Outlook people picker):

(Pop quiz:  Which previously mentioned SharePoint best practice did I just violate in the steps above?  First person to answer correctly wins a signed copy of Dux Raymond Sy's SharePoint for Project Management.)

Upon hitting the OK button on the Set Up Groups for this Site page, presto, I had successfully created my first Document Workspace:

As you can see, the (fully editable) "out of the box" Document Workspace site comes with an Announcements section, a Shared Documents library, a Tasks feature, and modules for Members and Links.  And how long did it take me to create this site, from soup to nuts?  Oh, maybe three minutes from start to finish.  Pretty handy, eh? 

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