SharePoint Calendars & Meeting Workspace Integration

The decision as to which of the SharePoint site templates I would investigate next was taken out of my hands due to Bamboo Nation Community Manager Chris Dooley's bringing to my attention a calendaring question that had been posed in our forums.  I suspect that Dooley asked me to take a look at the question for two reasons:  1) I did a fair amount of research in preparation for launching our topic area on Calendaring with SharePoint, and 2) We sit next to each other, so I was the closest colleague he could reach out to who might possibly know the answer.

Well, the question had to do not only with calendaring but with a related SharePoint feature, the Meeting Workspace.  Since I haven't yet had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of a Meeting Workspace in my continuing SharePoint education, I hadn't a clue as to what the answer to the question was.  Nonetheless, I was up for a putting on my sleuthing cap again and mounting an investigation. 

The question itself, posted by Brinton in the Calendaring forum, was:

We're having a heck of a time trying to set up a Meeting Workspace for our regular weekly status update meetings for our project team. In particular the default template for a Meeting Workspace does not appear to handle attendance and agenda changes for regular, recurring meetings. Any suggestions on where to look for solutions? Has anyone out there worked with this and can offer any insight?

Since I plan to spend the next couple of days walking through my investigative process (in which, yes, I performed a couple of new-to-me SharePoint tricks that I will share in detail), however, I'm going to go ahead and reveal the dumbed down version of the answer now.  And that answer is, "yes, but ... well, it's complicated."

Why the dumbed down non-answer of an answer, you ask?  Well, because the full details of the answer involve the integration of multiple Web Parts, and an aspect of SharePoint lists that I've yet to explore.  Which is why the mighty Jeff Kozloff will be posting the real answer to the question in the forum, and I'll just be addressing in SharePoint Blank what I learned while attempting to ferret out an answer.

Stay tuned for the blow-by-blow details of my creation of a SharePoint calendar, my creation of a recurring meeting in that calendar, and my creation of -and interaction with- a Meeting Workspace.  That's a lot of firsts for one day, hence the commemorative multi-part series.

This has been part one of a special collector's item mini-series ... collect all five!

Part One: SharePoint Calendars & Meeting Workspace Integration

Part Two: Create a New SharePoint Calendar

Part Three: Adding a New Item to a SharePoint Calendar

Part Four: Create a SharePoint Meeting Workspace

Part Five: Meeting Workspace Integration Investigation Concludes

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kctElgin wrote re: SharePoint Calendars & Meeting Workspace Integration
on Fri, Nov 14 2008 2:13 PM


Can you fill in the blanks from the forum?  There is no current answer to creating a single or multiple workspaces with a reoccuring meeting.

Anonymous wrote re: SharePoint Calendars & Meeting Workspace Integration
on Fri, Nov 14 2008 3:14 PM

Heya, kctElgin - I'll follow up with Jeff, as it does indeed look like this slipped through the cracks.

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