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As I mentioned yesterday, an investigation into a forum question regarding integration between a SharePoint Calendar and Meeting Workspace led to several new-to-me SharePoint activities.  While going about the business of my investigation, it struck me as somewhat funny that, despite the considerable research I did in while constructing our Calendaring with SharePoint topic area, I realized that I hadn't ever actually created a calendar in SharePoint. 

Sure, I've been working with SharePoint calendars since my earliest days on the job here at Bamboo but, until yesterday, my experience had been purely in the area of adding-and-editing events to already existing calendars.  I'm happy to report that such is no longer the case, as I created my first SharePoint calendar yesterday.  Which, it should be noted, is hardly an accomplishment to shout proudly from the rooftops because, well, it only takes a few clicks to create a calendar in SharePoint.  That said, however, it was the necessary first step in my investigation since the question I was looking into involved the integration (or lack thereof) between calendars and Meeting Workspaces.

And so, since it was the first phase of my investigation proper, I'll now demonstrate how to easy it is to create a SharePoint calendar in just a few simple steps. 

First, while in the site where you want to create your calendar (and, ultimately, your Meeting Workspace), select the Create option from the Site Actions dropdown menu.  Then, on the resulting Create page, select the Calendar hyperlink under the Tracking heading:

After clicking that Calendar hyperlink, you may be surprised to discover that there isn't anything calendar-centric on the resulting New page:

This lack of calendar-related verbiage may strike you as odd, but there is method to the seeming madness:  You're not really creating a calendar ... you're creating a SharePoint list.  Say what?  Yup, the truth of the matter is that a SharePoint calendar is really just a regular ol' SharePoint list in which the list contents are displayed in a more visually appealing calendar-based view.

As you can see in the above image, all that's necessary to create your calendar is to give it a Name and (optional) Description, decide whether or not to include it in your Quick Launch Navigation, and determine if you'd like to allow users to add items to the list/calendar by sending email (and, if yes, assigning the calendar an email address here).  Once you've sailed through that process, click the Create button and your browser will automatically refresh with the calendar view of your new list.

Needless to say, that default calendar view is going to be empty of content since there aren't any items in the list yet.  Tune in tomorrow for the next installment of my investigation, where we'll create a recurring calendar event, during which act we'll encounter the first onscreen mention of our ultimate goal:  the elusive Meeting Workspace. 

This has been part two of a special collector's item mini-series ... collect all five!

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Keep going, keep your head down… I’ll walk point and do the grunt work. : End User SharePoint wrote Keep going, keep your head down… I’ll walk point and do the grunt work. : End User SharePoint
on Mon, Nov 3 2008 2:01 AM

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rkwitkoski wrote re: Create a New SharePoint Calendar
on Wed, Sep 29 2010 1:44 PM

In our implementation of Sharepoint 2007 I do not see an option for specifying an email address. Is there some place that I can enable this option?

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