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Happy Halloween from Bamboo and SharePoint Blank!

When we left off in our continuing investigation into the relationship between recurring calendar events and Meeting Workspaces, we were just about to hit Create on the New Item page.  Among the New Item selections I had chosen to apply to my new calendar item was to tick the Workspace checkbox, allowing me to associate a Meeting Workspace with the new calendar event.  As a result, upon clicking the Create button, the next page to render was the New Meeting Workspace page:

As you can see, since I had given my new calendar event the (incredibly unimaginative) name of "Meeting Workspace Test," that's exactly what appeared as the default title for the associated Meeting Workspace.  Note, however, that you're under no obligation to have the title of the Meeting Workspace match exactly the associated calendar event, as the input field is editable, but if you do want to keep the same title, you get it filled in for you automatically.

Moving on, the Description field, as seems to be customary for such fields in SharePoint, is an optional step for you to fill in (or not) as you wish. 

The Web Site Address field allows you to choose the final portion of the dedicated URL for your Meeting Workspace, with the preceding path information prepended for you, as demonstrated in the image above.  To use my example, I'd probably input the URL here as "meetingworkspacetest."

The Permissions field provides you the ability to choose between inheriting the Permissions of the parent site, or manually specifying the levels of permissions available to designated users of the Meeting Workspace by using unique permissions.

Having made my decisions, upon clicking OK, the resulting page is the Template Selection page ... and since my investigation involves the Basic Meeting Workspace settings, it's that (default) template that I'll be selecting:

Clicking OK on the Template Selection page will result in one of two pages.  If you chose to use unique permissions, you'll be presented with the Set Up Groups for this Site page.  If you chose the path of least resistance (use same permissions as parent site) as I did, you'll be presented with your newly minted Meeting Workspace Page, the out of the box "meat" of which should look something like this:

And now, having successfully created a Meeting Workspace page, this is the part where I say, "Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion of our investigation!"

(I know, I'm shameless with these cliffhangers, aren't I?) 

This has been part four of a special collector's item mini-series ... collect all five!

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RobertPaw wrote re: Create a SharePoint Meeting Workspace
on Mon, Jan 19 2009 1:22 PM

Is there a way to add the "Workspace"  checkbox item ("Use a Meeting Workspace to organize attendees, agendas, documents, minutes, and other details for this event.") to a list?  I'd like to be able to have my user create an item, and have this calendar functionality of creating an associated workspace?

John Anderson wrote re: Create a SharePoint Meeting Workspace
on Mon, Mar 16 2009 12:16 PM

Hello, RobertPaw - I've done some poking around on your behalf, and while this is definitely not functionality that's available out of the box, I do have some good news to share.  As it turns out, the folks over at Black Blade have developed what looks to be a nifty little  List Item Workspace product that will get the job done for you, and they've generously made it available as a free download via CodePlex.  Full details are available at:

P.S.  While Bamboo does not offer a list item workspace solution of our own, a custom project that could well incorporate such functionality is currently under consideration.

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