Tracking SharePoint Site Users and their Site Usage

Let's wrap up the week with another exciting installment of SharePoint Blank Investigates, shall we?  Today's topic is a twofer consisting of a pair of questions regarding document libraries, the first involving tracking site users, and the second involving tracking site usage.

Both questions were submitted by Melvin, who asks if it's possible to:

  • View a list of current logged in users and the location of the user in the library, i.e., which page is he/she in?
  • Have a report on page hits?

Since I was pressed for time today, I skipped what are typically the first two steps of such an investigation (i.e., seeking the answer by discovering how to accomplish the task within our site on my lonesome and, should that fail, Googling for the answer), and went straight to step three:  Ask Jeff.  As regular readers know, that would be Jeff Kozloff, member of Bamboo's Custom Solutions team, and all-around SharePoint Renaissance man.

I went to Jeff armed with Melvin's questions, and my own guesses as to the answers.  I thought the answer was, "unfortunately, no" in both cases.  Proving yet again how much more I've still got to learn about SharePoint, it turns out I was half right.

The answer is "unfortunately, no ... at least not today" as to the question of listing currently logged in users and their location within a library.  Jeff clarified by saying that, "you can view what files a user has viewed, but not what they're currently viewing."

The good news I have for Melvin (and it's good news for me too, since I learned something new in the process) is that, provided he's using MOSS and has sufficient permissions, the information he seeks regarding page hits can almost certainly be found in the Site usage reports. These reports can be found via a hyperlink on the Site Settings page under the Site Administration heading, and they include a variety of metrics, including: site usage summary, requests, users, referrers, and destination pages.

There's a whole mess of metrics available in the Site usage reports that I hadn't yet discovered on my own, so I'm thankful to both Melvin and Jeff for leading me to discover them.  In fact, I may very well devote Monday's blog to a closer look at the variety of metrics and features available in the Site usage reports.

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trockwell wrote re: Tracking SharePoint Site Users and their Site Usage
on Tue, Dec 16 2008 12:56 PM

What about displaying users currently viewing the page?  I would like to display everyone that is currently on the same site for a collaboration site.

John Anderson wrote re: Tracking SharePoint Site Users and their Site Usage
on Tue, Dec 16 2008 4:09 PM

Heya, trockwell - Unfortunately, one of the limitations of SharePoint today is that while it has the ability to show where a user has been in the past, it lacks the ability to show where they are at present.  I'm totally with you in hoping that this is a feature we'll see in a future release.

SharePoint Usage Reports wrote re: Tracking SharePoint Site Users and their Site Usage
on Sat, Jan 3 2009 11:54 AM

I have added a comment about our soution for SharePoint - CardioLog.

It seems it was deleted.

I thought this blog to be an open, educational blog.

If so - please add this comment of mine about our solution - CardioLog, can be found at:



John Anderson wrote re: Tracking SharePoint Site Users and their Site Usage
on Mon, Jan 5 2009 2:05 PM

Hiya, Uri - thanks for writing again.  

Open and educational is absolutely the intent of this blog (as it is the intent of the entirety of our Bamboo Nation community) and I'd like to assure you that your earlier comment was absolutely *not* deleted intentionally, and apologize for its accidental removal.  (Like many blogs, our site gets hit by spammers with frustrating regularity, and I suspect your comment was caught in a spam dragnet in error.)

I'd taken a quick look at the home page when you commented originally, with the intent of investigating further when time permitted.  I suspected that CardioLog might not be a product that I'd be able to download and deploy myself (as an end user), but fully intended to investigate further.

Since other end users might be wondering the same thing, might I ask you to share a little more information abou the product here so that all may benefit?


SharePoint Usage Reports wrote re: Tracking SharePoint Site Users and their Site Usage
on Tue, May 26 2009 7:42 AM

Hi John.

Please have a look at our solution for collecting and analyzing data about usage of websites. The MAPILab company has recently released a new version of the program which includes a group of reports about usage of documents and lists. A free fully functional trial version can be downloaded from our website:

Thank you!

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