The Mystery of the Missing SharePoint Picture Library Check Boxes

I'm back from vacation and I've got a backlog of your questions, so let's get right down to it with a genuine mystery:

We used to have check boxes next to each of the photos/diagrams in the photo libraries, so that you could mark what you needed to download and then act accordingly. However, those boxes disappeared...obviously we did something wrong... (they do not appear anymore also in the dropdown menu next to the "Details" Thumbnails", "filmstrip" so we can't use those buttons as well.) How can we add back those boxes?

After trying (and failing) to break my own picture library in the manner described, I decided that it was time for some creative Googling.  Since Google rarely fails, this path of action ultimately led me to Sadalit Van Buren's SharePoint blog, A Matter of Degree.  In particular, it was a post entitled, SharePoint Slide Library - Selection Check Box Disappears from Grouped View which delivered the goods. 

Unfortunately, said goods resulted in a classic good news/bad news scenario.  The good news is that (I would hazard a guess that) Sadalit has identified the cause of your disappearing check boxes.  The bad news, however, is that it's essentially a bug and, depending on your own particular situation (i.e., your preferred manner of organizing and working with files in your picture library), the "fix" may not be very much appreciated.

Sadalit writes, "I discovered that the checkbox disappears consistently when you collapse a grouped view by default, but that it appears normally when you expand the view by default."  Which leads me to believe that grouping is what's been introduced to your picture library, and which is the cause of your disappearing check boxes.  If so, hopefully, your own experience will mirror Sadalit's, and expanding the view for each group will resurface the missing check boxes.  If this isn't the problem/solution in your case, however, please let me know some additional details as to what you're seeing, and I'll be happy to take another crack at it.

NOTE: For a screen shot of the collapsed view with missing check box, and for additional details on Sadalit's discovery and quest for a solution, please see his aforementioned post.

I should also take the now standard opportunity to work in my obligatory plug when looking at thorny good news/bad news cases such as this one.  If an elegant solution doesn't already exist to ease your SharePoint pain, who you gonna call?  Bamboo's Custom Solutions team.  Then sit back, relax, and let our SharePoint professionals develop the cure for whatever ails you.

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grhee wrote re: The Mystery of the Missing SharePoint Picture Library Check Boxes
on Mon, May 18 2009 4:37 PM

I do not have an issue with Checkboxes being displayed related to Grouping.  If I change the Style of a particular view within the library views to anything other than Default, the checkbox will not show.  The Checkbox does appear for any view that I have created in the library, when using that view in the library.

My main issue concerns adding a Picture Library as a web part to another page within the site.  The Checkbox Selection will NOT display within a web part no matter what view or modification of a view I use.  Even if I edit the view within the web part, only check to display Checkbox Selection, no Sort, Filter, Group with default style, it results in blank white space within the web part.  Any suggestions?  

I have also checked the master.default and there are no instances of a PlaceHolder with "visible=False" tag.

Sadalit wrote re: The Mystery of the Missing SharePoint Picture Library Check Boxes
on Tue, Oct 27 2009 2:45 PM

John, thanks for the reference in this post!  I recently tried to test this in SP 2010 to see if the bug is fixed, but the upload functionality to the Slide Library is grayed-out, so I can't test grouping.  Waiting for the official beta release now.

Sadalit wrote re: The Mystery of the Missing SharePoint Picture Library Check Boxes
on Tue, Dec 8 2009 2:55 PM

Update: As of 8 December 2009, testing this functionality on the SP 2010 Beta 2 version, the behavior is exactly the same - once you create a Grouped view on the slide library, the selection checkbox disappears from the view (even though the view settings show that the selection checkbox is included in the view).

John Anderson wrote re: The Mystery of the Missing SharePoint Picture Library Check Boxes
on Tue, Dec 8 2009 3:50 PM

Heya, Sadalit - Argh, that is indeed unfortunate to hear, but your testing in the 2010 beta and sharing of the results is very much appreciated.  Thanks!

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