Down the Rabbit Hole with SharePoint People and Groups (Part 1)

As you know, I was surprised to discover on Friday that the People and Groups link did not appear for me in the Quick Launch on my department's site in our corporate portal.  I would have sworn that it used to appear there for me, and suspected that my recent mucking about with my own permissions (removing my Full Control before reinstating it within our department site) had gummed up the works somehow.  I was determined to do everything possible to sort this out and restore everything to its rightful place on my own (if at all possible) so as to not have to pester our Administrator.

Well, at the time I made the "discovery" described above, I also made a note to myself.  See, there was just the teensiest smidgen of doubt in my mind that People and Groups hadn't ever been present in my Quick Launch on our department site's home page, and that I was actually thinking of our test area (where it does appear thusly).  So the note to self I made was a reminder to verify, by looking at the same site on a colleague's machine, if People and Groups appeared in their Quick Launch on the department home page. 

I did that due diligence this morning; it didn't appear for them either.

Nevertheless, I remained inspired to spend some time on the subject of People and Groups.  Back in November, I wrote a short blog on the topic and, in that earlier post, I noted that, "Unless you are a member of a given group, you will only be able to see the members of a group if the group creator chose to make that group's membership visible to Everyone (i.e., all site users), as opposed to being visible to Group Members only." 

Which is all well and good (and makes perfect sense), but what it has me wondering  is whether or not it has any bearing on the appearance by default of the People and Groups header in one's Quick Launch at the home page level of a site.  As mentioned, in our test environment, it certainly appears to be there by default, though I haven't yet discovered where exactly one might go to turn it off ... and the ability to do so must exist since the feature has clearly been disabled on the home page of our department site on the corporate portal.

My investigations led me to the Microsoft Office Online page, View users and SharePoint groups and edit the Quick Launch group list, which states that: 

By default, all SharePoint groups are listed on the People and Groups: All Groups page. This includes the default SharePoint groups, any SharePoint groups added to this site, and any SharePoint groups inherited from the parent site. However, you can edit the group list to control which groups appear under the Groups heading in the Quick Launch of the People and Groups pages.

That Miscrosoft Office page goes on to tell you exactly how to do so, and the steps described will ultimately lead you to the Edit Group Quick Launch page: 

You'll note in the provided instructions, however, that the groups you specify here will appear in the Quick Launch on the People and Groups page.  Which I presume to mean that those specified groups will only appear in the Quick Launch of the People and Groups page.  Which brings us back to wondering about the ability to explicitly apply (or disable) the People and Groups header to the Quick Links of a site's home page ... which is where my investigation will pick up when next we meet.

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