Creating a SharePoint Document Workspace via Word 2007 (Part 3): The Document Management Pane

Having successfully created a Document Workspace from Word on Friday, it's now time to look at the SharePoint integration features which are available in the Document Management pane from within Word:

SharePoint Document Management Status tab in Word

In the image above, you'll note the Status warning text which reads, "A copy of this document is stored in a Document Workspace.  Changes made to your document have not been updated in the workspace copy."  That helpful warning is appearing because, prior to having taken the screenshot above, I had made some edits (within Word) to the document in question, which should explain the presence of the Update Workspace Copy hyperlink which follows the warning message.  Just as you would expect, clicking that link while connected to my SharePoint environment automatically updates the document within the Document Workspace, bringing it in line with my most recently saved changes.

"Most recently saved changes" are key words in the preceding sentence, and they point out an important advisory, and one which is underscored in the system response to clicking the Update Workspace Copy link:  "This document is up to date.  If you have unsaved changes, you must save the document before you can update the workspace copy."  (Emphasis mine.)

Moving on, let's begin looking at the remaining toolbar icons which appear to the right of the Status tab.  In order from left to right, the remaining tabs are:  Members, Tasks, Documents, and Links.

With no members of the workspace other than me, this is what the Members message looked like on my first visit to that tab:

SharePoint Document Management Members tab in Word

Upon adding my colleague Chris Dooley as a new member to the workspace (within the workspace itself), I clicked the Get updates link as seen above, and the message area automatically refreshed, showing that Dooley is now a member of the workspace:

SharePoint Document Management Members tab in Word

Assuming a persistent connection to your SharePoint environment, clicking the Add new members... link as seen in the image above will generate a popup which allows you to add new members to the workspace and assign them permissions from within Word:

Add New Members to SharePoint Document Workspace from Word popup form

Join me next time when I'll wrap up my look at the Document Management toolbar items by taking a look at what lurks under the hoods of the Tasks, Documents, and Links tabs.

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