Creating a SharePoint Document Workspace via Word 2007 (Part 5): Mouseovers in the Document Management Pane and More

As it turns out, I was overambitious in the tease that I would be wrapping up this look at the integration points between Word 2007 and SharePoint today --for there will be at least one more part-- by tying up some loose ends and providing a bit of an overview of the functionality.  A few words of explanation:  "Tying up loose ends," as used here, is a phrase which loosely translates as, "describing some notable functionality that I only became aware of after having published my earlier installments."  "An overview of the functionality," on the other hand, may be more accurately described as liberally borrowing from the Create a Document Workspace page at Microsoft Office Online to point out features and functionality which I hadn't uncovered on my own.

I should mention that the abovementioned clarifications serve to underscore the limitations (and, one hopes, also the charm) of my approach to writing SharePoint Blank.  In a majority of cases, I'm essentially live-blogging while learning, which can at times feel like a bizarre form of performance art ... if, you know, there were such a thing as technology performance art.

The loose end I need to tie up pertains to the availability of mouseover functionality within what I've taken to calling the content area of the Document Management pane, i.e., the area that gets populated with your content:

  • Within the Members tab, when you mouseover a member's name, the user's email address is shown and a drop down menu of further actions is surfaced including a full range of contact / Outlook options
  • Within the Tasks tab, upon mouseover of a task, a snapshot of that task's status and properties will be provided:

             Mouseover of a Task in the Word 2007 Document Management Pane

As well, notice that a drop down button is surfaced, and the items included in the drop down are Edit Task, Delete Task, and Alert Me About This Task

  • Similarly, within the Documents tab, a mouseover will provide a snapshot of the document properties:

             Mouseover of a Document in the Word 2007 Document Management Pane 

    • As well, there is a robust drop down menu of available actions associated with the document:

                           Document-related drop down menu in the Word 2007 Document Management Pane

  • Finally, the Links tab also offers property details regarding the relevant link upon mouseover (and also features Edit Link, Delete Link, and Alert Me About This Link options in the associated drop down menu):

          Mouseover of a Link in the Word 2007 Document Management Pane

Additional facts about Document Workspace integration with SharePoint that I learned at the Create a Document Workspace page include:

  • In addition to Word, additional Office file types which are supported in the Document Workspace environment include: Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio
  • As noted on the Microsoft Office Online page, "You can periodically update your own copy with changes from the server or update the server with changes from your copy." (More on this when I get into the Document Updates feature on Monday but, suffice to say, updating periodically will make your changes available to other members of the Document Workspace)
  • In addition to creating a Document Library via one of the supported Office file types or through SharePoint directly, you can also create one via sending an email or from a document which already exists within a SharePoint library. Further details on these methods of creation are available at the Create a Document Workspace page

Join me next time for a look at the Document Updates pane, the existence of which I discovered while working on this very blog entry.  I think that post will conclude this Document Workspace series, but among the things I've learned today is that it's best to not make promises based on such assumptions.  Ah, the joys of seat-of-your-pants blogging!

Read the entire Creating a Document Workspace via Word 2007 series:

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