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steve0 posted on Tue, Jun 30 2009 7:22 PM |

Does a user have to initially log into the portal in order to use the Password Reset Web Part?  We have user accounts setup in AD which are members of AD groups and the AD groups are members of Sharepoint groups.   We are having an issue where users that have not logged into the portal before are attempting to reset their password and are receiving the error message below

"test.user is not found at"

Once they have logged into the portal for the first time then when they try to use the password reset webpart they are able to successfully reset their password.

Is there a way around this or do the users have to initially log into the portal first then attemp to reset their password?


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Jeremy Minich replied on Wed, Jul 1 2009 4:31 PM |


Unfortunately this is a limitation of the product currently and we are aware of it.  It has been added to our enhancement list for a possible patch/upgrade in the future.  I will update this forum if/when we have a fix for this.


Jeremy Minich


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gerwinee replied on Wed, Nov 18 2009 5:29 AM |

What is the status of this problem? I have the same problem.

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Jeremy Minich replied on Wed, Nov 18 2009 9:05 AM |

This is still listed as an enhancement request for future uprade of the Password Reset Web Part.  I will update this forum if/when this has been implemented.


Jeremy Minich


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Jeff Kozloff replied on Fri, Dec 11 2009 10:53 AM |


This is still an unfortuante limitation since we use the user name and e-mail defined in SharePoint as a security measure.  An alternative is you could use Security Question and Answer functionality as a potential work around?  In this mode we use AD Attributes to match answers provided by the user.

Jeff Kozloff
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jkova replied on Tue, Jan 10 2012 3:56 PM |

Are there any plans to resolve this limitation... I don't think it makes any sense to even provide the option to reset the password via E-mail, if the user's profile must be first loaded into site collection with annymous access. It's a maintenance nightmare,

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