Use the Group Email Web Part like mail merge?

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SLF05 posted on Mon, Oct 17 2011 2:19 PM |


When I use the group email web part, can I send it like a mail merge? What I mean is, instead of sending an email to a group of people and it shows all the email addresses in the "To:" field, can it be set up to only show the email address of the recipient in the "To:" field? This would require the web part to send this email to each individual person so 100 recipients would be 100 separate emails but all done in 1 process.

Is that possible?

Thanks in advance.

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Renold Scott replied on Fri, Sep 5 2014 9:35 AM |

Same Problem Here.

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Ha Ngo replied on Mon, Sep 8 2014 5:58 AM |

Hi there,

Unfortunately, this feature is not currently possible. However, we do have an enhancement request posted to add this functionality to our product. Enhancement requests are reviewed periodically by our product management group for consideration in a future release.

If you have any questions, please let us know.


Ha Ngo

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