Password Change not working with renamed user account

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jbullough posted on Wed, Nov 9 2011 6:42 AM |

We have V3.2.39 of Password Change webpart.

We run on Windows Authentication on Default Zone.

We have the domain hidden, and the login name locked.

We have experienced that one user has reported they were unable to change their password using the form as when they went into the form it gave them a different name.

This user recently got married and had a name change in the active directory the previous week.  The web part is showing their old pre-married name, and not the new name.

I have used an LDAP Query analyser to look at the Active Directory content for the user and it has no reference to the old name in the active directory database. 

Why/where does the webpart get the user name from and why has it not updated to the new name.  The user logs into the portal with the correct new name successfully, but just when they go to the password change web part, it shows their old name.

I have since removed their account completely and rebuilt it (rather than doing name changes on the existing account) and this fixed the problem, but in the long term this is not a great solution. 

We do not want to enable the user to change the user name in the web part to prevent malicious use.

Any ideas/solutions.



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