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kennyb posted on Mon, Mar 4 2013 11:35 AM |

We have some phantom alerts sending out even when disabling Bamboo from the site collection.

We have checked to make sure that it's not the built-in SharePoint alerts that are causing the issues.


Anywhere on the alert side to test all sending alerts to find where it may be sending from?




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Huyen Ly replied on Fri, Mar 8 2013 4:15 AM |

This could be caused by a number of issues.  The two most likely are listed below:

1. If Alert Plus was upgraded from version 2.* to version 3.*, then there could be some cleanup that needs to be done on one of the farm servers.  Please see this online documentation for step by step instructions with screenshots:

2. If Alert Plus was upgraded from an older version of 3.* that used event receivers on lists to trigger alerts, then running the Alert Plus Upgrade and Maintenance Utility will update event receivers, and remove event receivers that are no longer needed.    Please go to the KB article:  Alert Plus Upgrade and Maintenance Utility.  We now have scripts (attached to the KB article) that allow you to run the utility on multiple sites with a site collection or web application.

3. If you follow the instructions that are linked to in the steps above, and this does not fix the issue, then we will need you to create a support ticket for further troubleshooting with a support engineer.

Huyen Ly

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