How do I Export All Items?

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ccloud posted on Fri, Mar 25 2016 12:23 PM |

My company is migrating from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2013 and is depreciating the Bamboo Calendar web part.  So, I need to export all data out of each calendar instance, and load it into the OOTB calendar.  I've looked online here and other places but cannot find the process.

My question:  How do i export all data from the 2007 Bamboo Calendar Plus web part?

Thanks in advance.

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Julie Auletta replied on Fri, Mar 25 2016 12:32 PM |

I'm not sure I understand your question. The Calendar Plus is just for display; there isn't any data stored in the web part? They display data that is stored in SharePoint.

The only data stored in the web part is the configuration and you can't load that into the OOTB Calendar since it doesn't support the same display features.

Julie Auletta


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pallni replied on Fri, Dec 16 2016 10:00 AM |

I have a similar question.  I understand the Bamboo Calendar web part is just displaying source data from another list, but it does seem like the part is providing some additional exporting functionality and maybe could be expanded on?  If you right click an event it gives you the option to launch MyICal.ics and create an event on your Outlook calendar.  Users love this feature of the web part and one request I keep getting is "I want to bring all events on this particular calendar to my outlook calendar at once" (instead of one by one). 

Our source data is an external content type list that appears to not support any outlook interactivity.  Which is why we had to buy the bamboo part in the first place.  If that's the case, I know I am looking for this calendar web part to accommodate additional SharePoint short comings, but if a button on the top tool bar to export all calendar events to outlook were possible, it would be a much desired feature, at least to our agency.  Just some way to create these outlook events using the filter criteria already specified in the bamboo configurations. 


- Nick

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