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John Anderson joined Bamboo Solutions as Manager of Content & Syndication in May of 2008 after a 12-year career at AOL.  New to SharePoint at the time of his hiring, John was tasked with creating a new blog for the just-launched Bamboo Nation community in which he would document his daily SharePoint learning process.  Thus was born the end user-centric SharePoint Blank, for which John authored 200 posts within a year, and which he continues to write today (albeit much more sporadically).  Currently serving as Managing Editor, John sets the tone for Bamboo Nation as its lead blogger, and oversees content across Bamboo properties.


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jpmanching wrote job opportunities
on Fri, Jun 3 2011 11:11 AM


I just want to know if there are job opportunities here? I am doing SEO and basic programming.



JoshHentor wrote Bamboo's microblogging
on Mon, Aug 9 2010 7:58 PM

Hey John, can you give an update on Bamboo's own microblogging Web Part for SharePoint and let  us know where it currently stands?

Regards, Josh Hentor
Things to do in pa

FlyingMonkey wrote Changing the Duration of the New Tag
on Wed, Jul 28 2010 5:00 PM


You wrote a blog on changing the duration of the new tag last year (Changing the ... New icon).

Is there a way I can set the icon to, say, 6 hours, instead of a number of days? It looks like the default is an integer. Would 0.5 or 0.25 work?

(Using this cmd: stsadm.exe –o setproperty –pn days-to-show-new-icon –pv 0.5 –url http://(your server name))?

Or would the command change to "hours-to-show-new-icon"? I'm really new to cmd.

Thanks for your time.


honee wrote urgent:wizard style web forms sing share point web portal
on Wed, Jul 28 2010 8:42 AM


please tell me how to create wizard style web forms using sharepoint web portal.i need an urgent reply.

wrote Yammer
on Fri, Mar 19 2010 3:43 AM

I would also like to get an update about the Yammer like option to SharePoint. We have been studying the possibility of using Bamboo Solutions here in our school and any info would be of great help for the research and the essay that we have been doing.

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